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Cold and bit of a moan :(

I have noticed that since January i have been experiencing the Raynaud's a bit more worse than what it has been when i first had it. The past 2 months we have been in the summer months and i was hoping I would be able to wear sandles and enjoy the sunshine.. but no, walk outside for 1 minute and they start turning purple, so iv have been wearing socks for pretty much the whole of the summer months.

My feet have just been sooo cold that I can tell when they are about to go cold, becuase I wake up in the morning with a really bad headache that lasts all day then about 3pm my feet go from being warmish to freezing cold and i even have a pair of fluffy bed socks with another pair on top and they are still cold. Once my feet have turned cold they stay like that for hours and sometimes don't even go back warm.

It gets really frustrating sometimes because it sends me in a bit of a mood from it all, and when my friends or family ask whats the matter (and they are aware that i have raynauds) I tell them and they just go "put socks on" when i have 2 or even 3 pairs on at the time, they don't quite understand how cold they actually are.

I'm only 17 and it's already getting hard to keep my feel warm, im dreading what it's going to be like when I get older.

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I have freezing cold feet and sleep in thermal leggings and cashmere socks. I NEVER wear sandals. I always wear socks even on Englands warmest days. I have found the best way to defrost my feet when I am at home is with Cozy Toze slippers. They have insoles which go into the microwave. Whist I am wearing my slippers I put my indoor trainers on the radiator in the hall and they are warm when my slippers cool down. In the winter (probably starting next month) I will wear my boots with the heated insoles from EXO, they are

brilliant. But you do need to keep your legs warmas well. There are ways of keeping your feet warm and to keep you smiling.


I am an old hand at cold feet. Here are some questions:

1. Have you been to see a rheumatologist. It seems to me you should be on medication to warm up your circulation by dilating your blood vessels.

2. Do you keep your body warm? It is when your body is cold that the blood rushes away from your extremities to keep your heart warm. Wear fashion layers, they are better that one thick one. No sandals. Trousers and socks maybe.

3. Do you have a microwavable penguin or something like that to put your feet on when they are cold?

Don't make your life a misery, get help from your rheumatologist or the specialist nurse in your area (you will find them from the Raynaud and Scleroderma Association) your friends don't understand RAynaud and can't help you.

Enjoy life.


Hi, I haven't been to see a rheumatologist, haven't seen anyone about my feet since i got told by my doctor I had Raynauds, but may consider it. I tend to wear jeans, trousers most of the time with socks that go up to my knee's (they half of the time work and keep them warm). I do have some microwave slippers and tend to use them most of the time :)


In my opinion it is urgent for you to see a rheumatologist


I agree with zenabb, you need to see someone about the Raynaud's. I didnt and now have permanet damage to my cuticles because of it. Not trying to scare you, just if you are having this much trouble with Raynaud's all the time then they need to put you on medication to help it. I am on Amlodopine and it has helped alot. I have thermal socks as well which I wear in the winter and sometimes in the summer, although my hands are far worse than my feet. They have silver socks on the Raynaud's site as well which hold heat in. I have not tried them but the gloves work great so I would imagine the socks would work good too! I hope you can get someone to help you out with this and maybe get some medication to give you some relief.


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