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Lower back and left side pain

Hi there, I was diagnosed with scleroderma and raynaud's in 2015 after feeling unwell since 2012. I have had lower back and left side pain for sometime now. Had an xray and was told by nurse that it's arthritis. Then went to see a back specialist who told me that I was very stiff and now started physio, who tells me that it is muscle spasms. Can anyone tell me if they have experienced this. I go back to Doctors on Tuesday for blood test results, have lost over 2 stone and the last blood test showed that my thyroid was on the sluggish side, this doesn't account for the weight loss. Thankyou

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Sorry, I can't explain it.


My lower back pain was from doing my job, bending wrongly in the back of a van when loading and unloading when I was much younger so isn't relate to my Raynaud's. Sorry I don't know.


I have similar lower back pain which continues down to my left leg and my feet go numb. I got x.rays and cat scan also an MRI and some of the things found were fractures to my vertebrae, a bend in my spine and osteoarthritis so I attribute my pain to these things. I have two dogs and last year fell over when I got tripped up over their leads on a walk so maybe damage of fractures happened then...but also fell at home a couple of times when I had vertigo so maybe then...who knows. Good luck to you going forward.

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Hi, with my scleroderma my left side of body seems to be affected far worse than my right side, no one seems to know why, its probably just one of those things to do with this condition.


I have had attacks of back pain on my right side just below the right shoulder blade since 2011 and was told by my bone consultant that I had nothing wrong except mild degeneration. I have never reported it to the rheumy. I'm not sure whether it is related to scleroderma or not?


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