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Itching on head and legs

Hi l have scleroderma and raynauds and for the last few months l have had an itching and burning feeling on my head my doctor has given me creams , lotions and shampoo but nothing has worked it is still as bad . It has now started on the tops of my legs, hips and stomach it is worse at night and it is keeping awake. Has any one had the same and what did you use . Sorry to be long winded but this is driving me mad. Thank you for reading this all best wishes for a happy new year.

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Hi. I know just how you feel I have the same itching mostly on arms, legs and back. The back is worse cos I can't get to it(have had to buy a backscratcher). I'm trying Oilatum lotion at the moment with the bath/shower stuff too. I'd like to say it helps but it's very hit and miss and the lotion is so sticky!! It's driving me mad too. Sorry not to be more help.


I know I had terrible itching all over my body and only get it now occasionally on my legs. I had tried all sorts of things from doctors but none helped and they seemed not to know what to do.

Often things are coming from inside your body and all the doctors do is give creams to try and help the result of what is going on inside the body, instead of sorting out the system inside.

So, I went to a nutritionist - she put me on a wheat free, dairy free and sugar free diet. I get the itching on my legs occasionally - this tends to be when I have a certain amount of refined sugar - it is best just to have fruit sugar or molasses if you need to sweeten things. Take omega 3 and aloe vera juice.

I have been on this diet for about 4 years, but I am not so strict now about it. I didn't think I would be able to do such a strict diet, but it has worked wonders and made a difference to all the immune system problems I have and the skin, etc.

These days it is a lot simpler to do this, as the shops often do wheat free stuff, just check the labels as the sugar is something they put in.

Not sure if you want to go down this route, but it is an option. Maybe talk to GP and go to a good well-qualified nutritionist.

Hope you get some relief soon.


I have the limited sort and my itching is mostly on my head, arms and legs and sometimes my tum. The worst thing to do is scratch. I cream with Acquous cream those places. I try to distract my self by being busy.

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Hi there I have limited SSc. I recently saw a dermatologist because I developed a persistant itchy rash on arms, legs and torso. She diagnosed vasculitis and I am waiting for a skin biopsy to confirm. There are treatments for it which will alleviate the symptoms.


Thank you all for your help x

At the moment l am trying to cut out sugary things and wheat so that might help

and l am washing with Dermol cream which the Royal free gave to me to try but you can't put that on your head which is the worst .I am going to the Royal free this month to see Dr Denton so l will ask if there is any thing they can do for me . Hope you are all keeping warm .best wishes xx


I was diagnosed with something called Lychen Simplex. I have an area on one of my shins which occasionally flairs up (it is a lovely shade of red and very itchy right now actually!)

There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to when or why it flairs, but it drives me insane when it does, and I have to be so careful not to draw blood.

I have been trying to survive using Dermol 500, but have had to succumb to the steroid cream I was given by the doctors last time, as it was simply not working this time round. Ho-hum.

I trust Dr Denton will be able to provide some theories or practical advice for you - the guys at the Royal Free really know their stuff !


Thank you Lil-Dee

Saw my doctor yesterday again as l had no sleep because of the itching and the burning l was giving piriton 4mg to take when l go to bed sorry to say it didn't work. Having raynauds my feet and hand are like ice and my legs burning what is going? Sitting up now worried l am not going to get any sleep tonight feel such a misery . I have also rang the rheumatoid help line and left a message hope they will ring back tomorrow and maybe they will be able to recommend something . Will post again after l have been to the Royal Free with hopefully good news

All best wishes xx


Not a lot of help, but have you tried fragrance free shampoo and conditioner. You can get hair spray ( Boot's own ) Have not yet found mousse etc without fragrance.

Best wishes


Thank you grannyannie

That is a good idea l will have a look and see what's out there it might help xx


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