Does anyone suffering from Raynauds and Scleroderma have headaches caused by the cold weather?

Since the arctic weather conditions that have been sweeping across the country I have been suffering from bad headaches......At first I thought I had a head cold......but I have noticed every time I leave the house in the bitter freezing cold I end up complaining of headache across my forehead, around my eyes and in my nose......I have been taking analgesia, but it doesn't really help....I'm not a fan of hats, although I am wearing one now..has anyone experienced the same?.....or has anyone got any tips that may prevent the headaches ?...........I have severe Raynauds,...... but I don't tolerate the nifedipine prescribed by my I try to keep my hands warm with gloves and hand warmers..

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  • I don't have it as bad as you describe but I am on quite a lot of nifedipine. Can't your GP give you something to replace the nifedipine?

    Is your hat warm? I have learned that it is more important than looking good. My woollen hat covers my ears. If I don't wear a hat in the cold I get a headache. If it's very cold I get a headache even if I have a hat.

  • Hi Zenabb....thank you for your answer......I agree with you that it is far more important to keep our heads warm in this weather than to worry about the fashion police........I have never suffered from headaches before, so experiencing headaches and pain in the front of my face in the cold is very new to raynauds has been shocking with the cold so I am definitely going to speak to my GP about an alternative to nifedipine....take care x

  • I get those headaches now too, but I'm pretty sure it's the Nifi rather than the cold. As Nifi stops the numbness, I have to take cocodamol for the pain, so... I'm covered really (woo 8 tabs of cocodamol a day -_-)

  • Thanks Ravenshade for your answer......I haven't been able to tolerate the nifedipine because of the side effects, but now I'm experiencing headaches without the drug because of the cold wind.....grrrrrrrrrrr ......I need to see my GP :- (

  • There are other tablets that you can be prescribed, they might even end up prescribing viagra (seriously, for Raynauds...)

  • Oh'll give any thing a try at the moment......I've been out in the cold again this evening and I have a headache again.....I know that it is the cold weather that is causing the pain, because I feel ok when I am in a warm environment......

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