Quick recurrence, starting chemo regimen 2

Quick recurrence, starting chemo regimen 2

I have 2 separate stageIV cancers. Primary peritoneal (ovarian) high grade serous, and follicular thyroid cancer. I'm approaching my one year cancerversary, and hope to be able to start Doxil next week. I had an excellent response to frontline neoadjuvant treatment with carboplatin and taxol , an optimal debulking, but have recurred as of my three month check up. I have also had 10 external beam radiation treatments to my pelvic bone and a total thyroidectomy since last April. The thyroid cancer was discovered during the CT scan that diagnosed the ovarian cancer as a lytic lesion in my pelvis. A bone biopsy during my hospitalization for debulking showed no bone, but thyroid tissue.

I have also lived most of my life with Bipolar II depression, fibromyalgia, migraines, and degeneration of spinal discs and stenosis.

I ended up in the hospital again last week because I caught the flu and on top of last year's chemo I was seriously immune deficient. Home after three days. Trying to recover quickly as the cancer hasn't taken a break while I was dealing with other things, and chemo can't start until my blood counts are much better.

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  • So sorry that you are having to cope with so much .... having two types of cancer must be incredibly challenging. It sounds as if you are facing up to it with huge courage though and I send you sympathy, support and best wishes with your treatment going forward. Love Sophia 🌸💐

  • Thank you Sophia, I do sometimes feel a bit like my name should be Job.

  • that sounds like a lot you are dealing with, I am so sorry about that, especially with all your other health issues, I have degenerative diseases too on my back and also after chemo I developed arthritis on my spine.. during chemo last year, I took ISAGENIC tonic. and I made myself smoothies everyday with frozen or fresh fruit, and added ginger, and most important BEET juice, and spinach kale. that made me strong, I have not had a cold since 2015.

    I hope everything works out for you.

  • That is a heavy load. Blessings to you.

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