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9 month Newbie to Ovarian Cancer and to this Site

I have never felt like we go through anything major with out it teaching or helping us and those around us come out on the other side better for it. Like so many of you, I too am looking for answers and also willing to share what I have learned so far in this Ovarian Cancer journey. Here are the highlights thus far:

Ovarian Cancer Time Line:

Feb 29, 2016 - diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer from CT Scan and CA125

Apr 05, 2016 - Debulking surgery

Apr 18, 2016 - Stage IIIc Epithelial High Grade Serous Carcinoma

May 23, 2016 - Port placed in upper right chest

May 25, 2016 First of 6 rounds of taxol/platinum Chemo

Sept 02, 2016 - Last of 6 rounds of chemo

Sept 05, 2016 - Gyn Onc Appointment- still feels Squishy so lets wait a little longer on a having the scan so we have the latest in case you should need another round of Chemo.

Oct 5, 2016 - Port Flushed

Nov 28, 2016 - Scheduled for Chest / abdominal Scan

Dec 05, 2016 - Scheduled to review results with GYN Onc.

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Good luck with your CT scan. I think your doctor is being cautious which is good. But nerve wracking for you. I've met many women who have had additional chemo after their first round. And they have done fine. Be positive! Keep active.

Please let us know the results of your CT scan. We will be cheering for you!


Well I hope all is good for you... I'll be starting chemo soon. 3 rounds which I still don't understand what the rounds mean... if anyone can explain that I'd be thankful... how did you do through chemo?


Rounds or Cycles... most often refers to The start date of your first Chemo infusion/s and then a break from those infusions... it can be several days to a couple of weeks... and then you start the next cycle/session/round.

Example: Many women are on a 21 day cycle of carbo/taxol and a typical round would be

1st round of chemo- lets use Nov 1st. The 2nd round would be Nov 22nd. Third round would be Dec 13th.

If there are no delays due to blood counts or holidays they try to keep to this strick schedule very closely.

I found that drinking premiere Protein each day kept my blood work doing good and my energy level decent too.

You may also here that they will encourage you to start on your nausea medication at the first sign to keep it at bay before it actually causes you to through up... VERY good advice. This is one time in your life that you shouldn't try to TOUGH it OUT... you energy needs to be used to get well and stay that way.

Best of luck and Hope this helps.


HI there

Rounds are usually carboplatin/paclitaxel chemo drugs. theses take about 4 to 5 hours to infuse through a vein via intravenous in the chemotherapy ward of your facility. there are usually premeditation given such as benadryl and dexamethasone and maybe ranitadine also I take an anti nausea pill 1 hour prior to my start of chemo . I go every 21 days get there around 830 and check in and then wait to see screening nurse then get called into chemo area....you have to urinate a lot because of the saline fluid they run and I usually rest because the premed makes me tired. I bring oatmeal and water and a light snack....then usually am out of there before 5 or 530. I tend to react to my carboplatin . ..I get a tight feeling in my lungs so I get extra premed. then I feel not so great for about a week and then perk up have 2 weeks to recoup until the cycle starts again...hope this helped❤


This helps. Thank you... I'm all for nausea meds because I hate being sick... did you work during chemo? Are you able to?


Yes I was able to work... My chemo fell on a Friday and my cell boaster shots were on the following Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.. I would work 1/2 to 3/4 days so that I wouldn't get " run down". Have your dr' write you back to work order so that it is " as tolerated" that will give you some flexibility on those days that maybe a bit harder to bounce back on. Water and protein drinks were my best friends during Chemo.

I live in Rockport Texas and my name is Rosemary. Glad you reached out.


My Dr said absolutely NOT. I am a nurse and work in the public....I wear a mask IF I go to a public place ie: bank .. and use hand sanitizer and go home. have to be careful with germs due to immunocompromised once chemo kills good and bad cells



My name is Jackie, ovc stage 3. Yes I worked duringchemo. My chemo was on Wed and I didn't work that day. I usually only worked 1/2 day on Friday. I tolerated Chemo well, no vomiting and was not nearly as sick as I feared, mostly just blah and tired. Just allow yourself to do whatever you are up to do, and rest when you need too.

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Thank you.... I'm nervous but hoping I mdo well though it...


Rosemary I appreciate the input. I've bee pretty healthy so this is a scare for me... I am hoping to work from home for a while. With my job I have that luxury as long as my boss keeps it that way... I've had visions that I would be bed ridden and ill..so I'm thankful I found this sight and input from people... my name is jenn and I'm from northeast ohio



I have had those nightmares too. Apparently my boss and his wife have the same visions.. because they worked with me at every turn. I am very glad to share any of my stories even the rough ones, not to scare people but to help them through some of those times " I thought this only happened to me" events.

After having a PA that tried to explain everything away due to my weight / other issues for over a year and 1/2 I have learned that we have to be our own advocate and even stand our ground at times. Too many times this disease get found in the later stages even when the signs were there and no body was listening. I am not angry for myself but I do want to help others possibly avoid being where so many of us are in treatment etc.

I have found for me blogging about this has been helpful for me and others as well. I promised myself I would find a positive take away from each " event or revelation" that I blogged about.

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Your a saint for talking with me. It truly helps ease my fears... I read some stuff on Google and was ready to run to the hills... then I found this website and I am so grateful I did... I'm a type a personality so the unknown for me creates anxiety levels to rise

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I do much better with facts and the whole picture I am not a fan of all of the unknown. LOL... so I totally understand. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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You are on the same schedule as I am for Grade 3c. I have cat scan on November 28 and see dr on dec 5th. I feel more apprehensive now then during treatment. During treatment I was fighting it and had a game plan! Now I just feel like I'm waiting for it to come back. How are you handling this part of life with cancer. I have alway been a positive person, seeing the cup more than half full. But finding this very difficult😀 Perhaps after several clear cat scans life will again be normal💕



My name is Jackie and I am at the same stage you are with waiting for scans. As the date gets closer I get so nervous, I'm also 14 months into remission. My Dr says women typically relapse in 18 months, makes me feel like a clock is ticking on my shoulder. I do feel much less alone since I just found this website last week. Maybe it won't be so scary if I have all of you walking thru this with me. We all know life will never be the same. I am now so thankful for every day that I feel good.


Hi Jackie, glad to meet you. This will be my second scan since chemo (sept 2016) It is nerve wracking, to say the least. I just found this site yesterday. It will be nice to talk each other through this. I'm from Southern illinois and can't find anyone down here with ovarian cancer. My sister and sister-in-law both had breast cancer. Their drugs and side effect were much worse then I had. Dr just took me off off a Astrozole (hormone) due to muscle aches and swelling of hands & feet. What type of hormone do you take, any side effects?


I finished chemo Sept 2015 and have had I think 3 scans. My doctor doesn't scan every 3 months unless there is a reason. I don't take any medicine or hormones, why do you? I live near Austin Texas but I went to SIU in Carbondale.


Really, I worked in Carbondale for over 30 years. I was the director at PUKA child dev center. I retired when cancer hit! Dr would not let me work in the "germ pit" of the early childhood field during chemo😜 I really miss it. When were you at SIU?

Dr says hormones will keep my estrogen levels down, my cancer feeds off of it. I had 1st scan one month after finishing chemo, next one on 28th will be at 3 months. Maybe due to my age, I'm 58 and post menopausal.


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