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Abdominal burning after Chemo

Good morning everyone!!! Just a quick question. I had debulking surgery November 21, 16, and just had my third round of chemo (taxol and carbo) this last thursday. I have read that you cannot feel the chemo in the tissue, yet every time for about a week after, I have a burning pain, where cancer was removed. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this, or what you may know on this topic. Thanks!! :)

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That is normal I had burning for months after surgery. Don't worry it will go away. Hope you are feeling well. My prayers are with you. This is a hard trial but hang in there and keep on pushing. Belsie


Thank you Belsie, so glad to hear that. I hope you are doing well, Hugs!


Question, are you doing stomach wash chemo? I did same cocktail as you. But I did do stomach wash chemo. I had a lot of uncomfortable issues with my stomach. Don't recall burning. Try drinking more fluids, water. I know I had more issues when dehydrated.


Thanks Lizchips, no I am not doing stomach wash, unfortunately, I heard you have better results that way . I am doing IV carbo, taxol. I talked with my oncologist this last Thursday about the pain, and she said it was surgery related. Thanks for reminding me to drink more water, I am really bad about that!!! Hugs!!!!!


Your not alone water is tough for me. I have horses so I do a lot of lifting. I ended up with Herneas, 5 after my surgeries. Now I get mild stomach pain were the tied are for the repairs. It's always something. Best wishes for your recovery.


Oh you poor thing, Hernias, noooo!!!! You sound like me though, trying to be as normal as possible, we still have chores to do. :) You did make me a little jealous though, I have always wanted a horse. :) Be careful, and take care!!!!

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