3rd recurrence with stage IIIc

Hello my friends just wanted to share my story. I was diagnosed 12/11 with stage 3c serous. 6 rounds carbo/taxonomy, 12 rounds Avastin along with a debunking and hysterectomy. I also lost my colon to the ovarian cancer. I have an iliostomy. I did great on chemo. Lost my hair but survived. Fast forward to 12/15 routine scan found signs of recurrence, surgery to remove cancer followed by 6rounds carbo/taxol/Avastin. Once again did good with chemo. Then 2/21/17 a routine scan showed small signs of recurrence. My gyn/onc wants to start a treatment of oxilplatin/Doxal. I just got home from a second opinion from a Dr at Mayo he wants me to hold off on any treatments and see what my scan looks like in 2 months. Any thoughts on this protocol?

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  • Hello! I'm so sorry to see this! I personally have not been through this protocol, but I met a lady who is. Her story is different in the fact she didn't react well to Doxil (or chemo in general). Her oncologist was going to start her on third line treatment in a clinical trial, but she went to get a second opinion first. Her second opinion doctor recommended waiting a couple of months to see how she was feeling and to do a rescan.

    She took his advice and is feeling really well. I believe her scan is next week.

    I was diagnosed in June Stage IIIc clear cell and am currently on second line treatment of Avastin/Doxil. I just completed 4 of 6 and while I'm tolerating chemo very well, sadly, I don't believe it is working. I have an appointment with my GynOnc in two weeks to see how to proceed. I also have a follow up scheduled at MD Anderson a week after that.

    It is a scary thought 'stopping' treatment, but I do think our bodies need a break.



  • I hope all goes well with you. Many prayers your way. I am currently looking into a device called the Zapper invented by Dr. Hulda Clark. It has had many great testimonials. I'm wondering if anyone has used this method of treatment?

    God bless Barbi

  • can you tell us a bit more about it?

  • All I know about it I have read on the Internet. I can't believe it's been around as long as it has and nobody can give me first hand knowledge. It's a pricey device.

  • Barbi, please beware of people selling cancer cures on the internet. One of the reasons you haven't heard about it is because it probably doesn't work. There are scoundrels out there who prey on people like us. Just be careful. Hugs to you, Tesla

  • I'd be interested in knowing more about the Zapper as well.

    I'm currently looking into going to Germany for immunno therapy. I've met 3 people in our hometown that have gone and have had great success. None with OC, but all stage 3 and 4.

    Scary step, but may be worth the leap.

  • Good luck with whatever decision you decide. I pray all of girls are swapping success stories on here in 20 years. 😊

  • This is interesting. Just yesterday, a lady approached me at the grocery store. She, noticing my hat and no hair, ask if I was going through chemo. She went on to tell me that she stopped her tx, and went with the advice in "The Cure for all Cancers" book by Dr Hulda Clark. It is a combination of herbal cleanse process, and the Zapper is also mentioned. This lady only did the cleanse part, and is 28 years breast cancer free. My early understanding, it is based on the premise that while all cancers can be exacerbated by environmental (and other causes) the root cause of ALL cancer's is a parasite. She was adamant this is true, and in her words, she knew because she "saw exactly what she pooped out!"

  • Barbi1986 , I was interested in Doctor Clark's treatment plans. So Doing some resourcing i found this article you should read before you purchase the device Please read at quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRe...

    Stay strong God Bless,

  • I read this thank you for sharing.


  • Hang in there Jodi! Keep us posted on your progress. Sending you hugs and wishes for a fast treatment and NED!!


  • Please keep me posted how your doing. I'll be praying for good scans and a long, long, beautiful life for you.

  • Difficult to call, I understand current Oncology thinking is not to start treatment straight away if there are NO symptoms. Apparently that doesn't improve survivability or quality of life. Are you having symptoms or was the recurrence picked up only on scan ?

    Whichever decision you make either should be yours or should definitely take your views into account.



  • I am not having any symptoms. It showed up on a routine scan. Both my urologist in Springfield and the Dr. At Mayo say the cancer is minimal (micro spots) and my CA125 is 21.

  • Thank you

  • I've had two rounds of carbo plus (Taxol and Doxal) which did not result in remission. Currently, I'm on monthly infusions of Doxal alone, shown in a recent study to be able for reasonably long periods of time to maintain a low level of the disease. My option was watch and wait. Doxal is benign with regard to side-effects by comparison to the two earlier treatments. I suggest it's worth asking about this option.

  • I always get copies of my scan reports to see exactly what they are looking at. If your report just sees fluid (ascites) then it is just a possible early warning. I have recurrent endometrial papillary serous carcinoma and tried immunotherapy (Opdivo) and watched the scans (and my CA-125) get worse and worse, with lesions on a couple of places. That was over a 16 week period. Now on Carboplaten/Doxil combo and the doctor feels everything will clear up. I advise you to read your own scans and go over them with your doctor! I feel that you must take an educated role in the decision-making process with your doc.

  • Thank you for your insight. I will definitely take your wise advice.

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