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Carboplatin, taxotere, herceptin

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Hi all,

I've been on max doses of carboplatin, taxotere, and herceptin for almost a year now and while it seems to be controlling the disease (last year I saw a lot of progression, this year not so much as my PET scans are showing mixed results but mostly a decrease), I just can't take the side effects. It's really starting to negatively impact my quality of life. This chemo/targeted therapy treatment is the worst I've experienced in the 6 years of having MBC.

Has anyone been on this combo of treatment? If so, for how long?

I'd like to switch to another treatment but I'm scared that it won't work and I'll regret stopping this current treatment.


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There are other chemo drug combinations out there that are most likely just as effective as CTH for her2 positive metastatic breast cancer Talk to your doctor to discuss options You might want to look into a clinical trial for a targeted therapy type of regime What's important is the quality of life issue

What is your chemo schedule? You might want to ask your oncologist if you could either lower the frequency or lower the dose.

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