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Hey There. Mary Perry here from Extreme Northwest Georgia. I was diagnosed 22 months ago with 2 primary cancers. Triple Negative Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer. Started Chemotherapy for the TNBC and completed 6 cycles. Had right colectomy surgery and 1 month later a left mastectomy. Started radiation treatments to complete 36 or 6640 cGv. 2 months later caught what I thought pneumonia, which was confirmed, nodules on the lung. Turns out to be TNBC Metastasized. Started chemo again with Doxil and got 5 cycles with no response. Changed to Abraxane, on my 8th cycle. 3 weeks on and 1 week off. Feb 4 will be 2 years, and I feel like it's a lifetime already. I read everything cancer and always look for hope for all who have gone before us, and us still fighting. God Bless You All.

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Wow! You've really been through it. I admire your spirit, and I love your gloves!! I'm here anytime you need to talk.

Thank you! It's tough being home all the time. Thankful for social media LOL! :)

You are a fighter for sure

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Oh yes! It's gonna have to knock me completely down. I will never stop fighting!

For sure a fighter..great attitude

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Thank you! Stay positive....cancer really hates that lol!

Mary - what a long road you have had already! Keep fighting- your tremendous spirit will make the difference!

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Thanks so much! It's def been a ride, but I can't let it win. Not yet. I have met so many wonderful people on this journey. Hope all is well with you!


Mary, I love your gloves! Keep fighting. I'm glad that you joined our group.

I too had lung mets. One at a time, a year apart. The first one was removed via surgery (VATS or video-assisted thoracic surgery), where a surgeon removed a wedge from my lung.

Even though the margins where clean, the breast cancer returned to the lung in the same area a year later. I then had RFA (radiofrequency ablation) of that nodule. That local procedure is done by an interventional radiologist, even though RFA doesn't use radiation. Other such local procedures include cryoablation (freezing the tumor, which is not normally done in the lung but in the liver), microwave ablation and electro-nanoporation, which kills the tumor with electrical currents.

These procedures are not standard of care, and even though I had one tumor each time, they can be used if chemo and targeted drugs cause most of the tumors to go away, with just a few stubborn ones remaining.

So far all is good and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Let's us know how you're doing.


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Whoooo Hooooo! Don't you know it! Keep Fighting Sister! Don't let it win! ;)

Hi MaryPerry!

Love your attitude!

Have a merry Christmas! And I pray that this too shall pass soon and u can get on to the next season of your life...!


God Bless you! You are one tough cookie and I admire your spunk! I'm glad you have those big gloves because you definitely need them! Is the Abraxane helping you? And are you done with the colon cancer? You certainly got a double whammy!

Looking at your picture I see a very brave person, one who doesn't give up easily. Keep fighting. I'll be keeping you in my prayers that your treatments work for you. There's lots of research going on with BC and new drugs coming out all the time. I hope you have a good Oncologist or team of doctors who are helping you through this journey.

Are you using any extra supplements or alternative treatments to go along with your treatment plan? You need to put good things in your body in order to keep it strong as you fight this fight! A good multivitamin from a Health Food Store may help you stay strong.

Wishing you continued courage and strength! You'll make it! Merry Christmas and a Healthy 2017 for you. Kats3

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