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My Update


Hi, ladies. I’d like to post my update to give us all hope! 9 years in with this disease. I was diagnosed Stage 4, to the bones. Sept 22, 2011. Started with Avastin, Femara. 2 years in, near death, removed the Avastin. Stayed on Femara. I was getting scans every 9 weeks. My last scans were July 13, 2013. My body recovered from Avastin in about 2 years. I see my oncologist approx every 6 months. My tumor markers have been rising. I had scans Monday. I was prepared for new treatment of Ibrance and Faslodex. My oncologist called yesterday, I was out in a public place, and he tells me, my scans look better then did 7 years ago. No sign of cancer anywhere. Tumor markers are going up, so yes something might be going on, but isn’t showing up yet. So, no treatment change. In my 9 years I’ve never heard, no active sign of cancer. I started shaking and crying. I’m incredibly blessed. Yes, I know Stage 4 is uncurable. I know it will awaken. But truly I’m learning to live day by day. Today I’m ok again. I go back in September. Stay hopeful. I give all glory to God. I’m undeserving of his graciousness. Today, again, I’m ok.

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Thank you for sharing this news, I am so happy for you! This totally gives me hope!

So happy for you!!! Rejoice, be glad & celebrate! Loved hearing your great news ❤️🙏❤️!!!

So happy for you!!! I'm just a few months in to the MBC journey and reading posts like this give me so much hope. Thank you for sharing ❤️

Awesome! Happy for you and many more years of blessings! This definitely gives me hope. Thanks for sharing.

Congratulations thanks for sharing your amazing news💞

That is such wonderful news. I couldn’t be happier for you!

Such good news! I am so happy for you! You’ve made my day! 😊

Wow thank you for sharing, gives us all hope, congrats to you

I would call that a miracle!

That is wonderful take care and God bless you

That's fantastic news! long may you receive news like this.

Dawn that is fabulous news! It's always nice to read such positive results. It must be reassuring to know that you have a non aggressive and lazy cancer....yes incurable as stage 4 but if your past reflects anything you will be around a very long time. I'm so happy for you.


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Thank you!

Lovely news ... so happy for you ...that you have no active sign of cancer after 9 years and hope it continues for a long time yet ! x

9 yrs on femara that’s awesome! You have given me so much hope, like you I’ve bone only Mets and I’m only on femara and I’m doing pretty good! Thank you for your encouraging words and I hope and pray you continue on this path!

Absolutely delighted for you, and wishing you decades more of the same!

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Thank you. From my 9 years I know this is temporary. But I’ll enjoy the reprieve. Do you have any ideas on tumor markers rising but nothing showing up? I’m wondering if I should ask for an added treatment ( Ibrance) before something shows.

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Dawn53094, typically doctors do not switch treatments based upon increasing TMs unless scans support that there is progression. TMs can rise for a number of reasons, some of which are not progress-ion related. If your TMs tend to be reliable and continue to rise for several months, more frequent scanning may be done. Hoping yours are just a blip!

First, I am so very happy for you. You deserve good news.

Second, thank you so much for sharing. It’s easy to become discouraged. It helps to hear this.

I am due for blood tests soon and feeling anxious. Your post was what I needed to give me hope. Thanks for sharing your experience. God is indeed good and I sincerely hope and pray that you continue to be blessed🙏

Thank you for your inspiring post - I am so happy for you.

Wonderful news. God is the Master Healer. Good health is in our own hands to a great extent. A wonderful series on cancer and how to "up" your chances of survival can be found at take Please check it out everyone. I believe you will find it full of hope and encouraging.

Website is.

Such wonderful news! It gives us all hope 💕

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Hello Eva ! I was thinking about you and wondering how you are doing on your Ibrance break ? x

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Well, my markers were slightly up last month and I panicked and I am back on it! I had a scan last week so waiting for the results now. Hope you are ok. xx

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Hope the scan goes ok ,and I am glad the rules were relaxed for covid , allowing you to go back on Ibrance .

I’m fine thanks , just starting cycle 33 of Ibrance and hoping I get somewhat longer on it , as I tolerate it well . I’m still mostly ‘shielding ‘ and look forward to the relaxation of the lockdown for ‘vulnerable’ groups ! Been enjoying the heatwave , but a bit too hot today ! Take care ! x

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I am being careful but I go to the park with my children every day. I could not be locked at home for 3 months! Happy the rules for vulnerable people are being relaxed, though. The weather is wonderful, we'll enjoy while we can! Xx

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I have been going out every day for a cycle ride in the countryside near to my home and have been to the local garden centre and farm shop ...but I am looking forward to a day out to Chatsworth House early July ( my 30 th wedding anniversary ) . Looks like beaches are jam packed this week ... despite government advice , but I am avoiding these ! Take care but enjoy the good weather with your family x

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Enjoy your wedding anniversary! Sounds lovely xx

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Thank you ! The huge pretty gardens and fountains are amazing there ( tho the house itself isn’t open yet ) and you have to pre book so they can control the numbers . x

I love Chatsworth...we usually go to the horse trials every year...only an hours drive from where I live

Barb xx

Yes it’s one of my favourite stately homes ... fabulous walks ! I think it’s only an hour from my side too ! Just need to pre -book at present and then hope for a good weather day ! We are not going abroad this summer either ( apart from my daughter , who is going to Mykonos late August with a friend !) ... maybe a trip over to Northern Ireland by boat to see my father -in - law ... we love the coastal route over there too . Hope you get something booked as they are saying many UK sites are getting snapped up just now . X

I doubt the holiday we’ve booked in Madeira will happen...even if we can go I think it will be very stressful which kind of defeats the object!!

Might end up doing sod all if everything’s booked up

Barb xx

Hi Dawn

I'm so happy for you. Thank you for sharing this. Gives us all hope. God bless.


Hi Dawn,

Nine years of stability is very good news! I hope you continue to do well for many more years to come.


Awesome news, I'm so happy for you. My smile is all for you today xxx

Great news!❤️💐🌹

Thank you for posting your message of hope! Sooo appreciated. You have no idea!

That is great news. So happy for you💕. This really gives everyone hope!

Wonderful news and encouraging to everyone. Thanks for sharing. Blessings Hannah 🙏

Praise God!!!! Thank you Lord. That is awesome!! I’m so happy for you Dawn.

I'm so happy for you. God is so gracious and we are so undeserving. I'm praying for that kind of news.

Praise God! Thank you for sharing your testimony

God is good. 🙏 so happy to hear your good news.

So happy for you! This is very encouraging for the rest of us. I was diagnosed with MBC In my bone marrow in April of 2019. I’m on faslodex and Ibrance. Just had my monthly shots and asked my oncologist how long the average person has on these drugs and she said two years. Since one year has already gone by I wasn’t thrilled to hear that. It wasn’t until I started crying that she started saying but there are other options out there. My oncologist really doesn’t have the best bedside manner. Anyway I’m choosing to have a positive attitude and it it so great to hear that you are doing well after all these years! With God all things are possible! 🙏❤️

💪 fantastic news to hear

Thank you Dawn. Just the best news to hear!!!



Dawn, I am truly happy for you! You are right, this gives me and others hope. Thank You for sharing, you made my day (smile).

Dawn, thank you for sharing this. It gives me great hope!

Dearest Dawn,

You ARE deserving!! And you are inspiring, too! Thank you for sharing your uplifting example of reasons for hope!!

Keep on keeping on!!



I recommend you to read this book. Follow her guidelines and Facebook site.

How to Starve Cancer

Book by Jane McLelland

This is amazing news. Celebrate the news.

Dawn- thank you for this post! I’m so happy for you— and happy to read this great news!

What a wonderful update! For those of us who are metavivors and have never had a nead report, yours news can give us hope.

Thank you for the encouraging words. I have been on Ibrance/letrozole/zometa since May 2017. Stage 4 right out the gate with one bone met to the right hip. Last scan in March showed no active cancer. I never had surgery so still have the tumor. The only side effects I have are hair loss and fatigue, and when I'm only on letrozole the site where my tumor is gets sore and feels like a pulled muscle. Other than that I feel blessed.

Praise God 🙌

Congratulations, that’s amazing ❤️ What’s your ER/PR status and grade, Ki67?

Excellent report. Thanks for the encouragement.

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