RLS and magnesium deficiency?

Hi all, I have been taking Pramipexole in the evening for about 6 years now, rising from 1 tablet to 2. The 2 tablets kept me quite well most nights but for some unknown reason every now and then the RLS would start up in the evening and I would take another pill hoping for it to take effect in time for me to get some sleep. I then read that magnesium deficiency might be a factor and a couple of months ago bought myself some high strength (375mg) magnesium and have really noticed the difference. Not only do I very rarely get the RLS symptoms but I am sleeping wonderfully! When I have started to feel the 'twitch' I have remembered that i haven't taken the magnesium tablet. I appreciate that i do not get the RLS as bad as some, as I don't get pain, but it really was very disruptive and I felt like I never slept more than a couple of hours a night so it is a real relief to me to get some lovely sleep. Wanting to swat up again about magnesium i found this site which might help others -www.nutritionbreakthroughs.com/.../restlesslegsyndrome_magnesiu... I'm really sorry if you have all tried this already and found it no help, but if there is one person out there who it will help it will be worth it. I just hope the situation keeps up for me! All the best to you all, Pat

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  • Hi Pat. Very interesting. Have heard about this before but have always been told that if you eat healthily and especially vegetables and fruit, that your magnesium levels will be normal and added magnesium is of no benefit. I to take Mirapexin tablets - 3 x .18mgs and they are not working as well as they used to. My RLS is about 6 or 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 and I am seeing the doctor tomorrow about so i will ask if he thinks that a high level of magnesium might help. Can't help can it. Thanks for the link, will let you know how it goes. Steve

  • Hi Pat I think one of the first questions a Dr asks you is have you tried Magnesium and Iron tablets? You are one of the lucky ones Pat. I hope you continue to have good quality sleep.

  • Brilliant that works for you....next time I see my doc I am going to ask him about it...my blood levels recently checked were normal, but maybe us with rls need a higher level than normal...and as for diet...mine is rubbish so I'm sure I don't get enough to boost my levels if they need it!

  • hi Pat, I too had great, instant success with Mag Phos - If you read my recent posts I've talked at length about it. My recent bout of RLS was brought about by a back op 5 weeks ago and coming off lots of meds. After 9/10 days with virtually no sleep, I researched and found Mag Phos. The first time taking it I slept like a baby and have been fine since Not saying this will help everyone especially those long-term suffers, but worth considering. I asked my doc about it and really it was 'no comment' as it's considered a homeopathic option. I've now stopped taking the Mag Phos to test the results and for the last two nights all is fine. Must say to everyone that you should still consult doc re taking Mag Phos.

  • Oh, I'd missed your posts about magnesium, Courtland 14. I must say I haven't told my GP that i'm taking it so I will do that next time I see him, as you and everyone here seems to think that the GP should know. I have to admit that I just thought it was a sort of supplement anyone could take but it won't hurt to tell my GP. He will probably say, 'oh, whatever...'!!! When I first told him, after moving house and changing GP, that I was taking Mirapexin (as I was then) for RLS he said that the pharmaceutical companies found a new pill and then looked for mugs like me to take them ( NOT his words - just my interpretation!!). I said that was fine. I would give the Mirapexin a rest as long as he gave me his home number for me to call at 3am when I was still trying to sleep standing up!!

    Re the magnesium again, I think I do eat quite healthily but use hardly any salt and someone suggested that the magnesium could be supplementing my salt levels - or did I misunderstand what he was saying?

    Anyway, I do hope that your present well-being continues. Thanks for taking the trouble to reply.

    Regards, Pat

  • I have just found the other posts re magnesium and as to the question of RDA, on my label it says that the dose of one a day of 375mg (providing pure magnesium) gives 100% RDA.


  • just to say that I now have my blood test results and all normal. I asked about Ferratin level which I was tested for too, but whoever I spoke to over phone didn't know. seeing doc Friday and will ask. So, if all normal I'm surprised the Mag Phos works, and so well for me. My dose, of the 12x strength(on my label) of Mag Phos is 2 x 3 per day. This was recommended by my local health food shop, so not defintive and maybe needs looking at by a homeopath. My understanding is that a homeopath may advise different doses for different people. I believe GP's do not prescribe Mag Phos but usually have no objection to it. Each case may be different so best to consult GP.

  • A few months ago I read about Magnesium Oil, which gets extracted from the depth of the sea near Holland. It's not really an oil, feels more like salty water. I did try it then and to tell the truth, it got me through the "crises' of not being able to sleep for more than a few hours at a time. I do not understand the connection but just wanted to tell you about my experience with magnesium. Evidently, this Magnesium Oil, as they call it, gets absorbed by the body faster and more efficiently than when taken in pill form. I don't take it every day anymore but it does help for pain so I quickly reach for it when the pain in my legs and feet start to bother me. The only "problem" with it is that it leaves a salty sensation like salt water does! I suggest that you Google Magnesium Oil and see what happens. I live in Canada, and don't know where else it is available.

  • I use magnesium oil spray too-I love it! Have u tried the nighttime spray one with lavender in? It's worth a try as it does help to aid natural sleep. Xx

  • I've been trying magnesium to no avail but have found that potassium works. You do have to be careful though as you can take too much and that will affect your heart. I'm on a high fibre low starch diet (a few potatoes and the occasional banana when I know I'll be very busy) and so I'm sure that's why my potassium is low but I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow to see if there is another explanation.

  • Magnesium does not work for me either as a supplement or consuming bananas although eating a lot of bananas every day for about 5 days did allow me to sleep 100% for the first 2 nights but then back to normal. That was some time ago and I repeated the same test a couple of months ago but this time it had no good effect just as taking magnesium capsuals has not worked. RLS is a very strange beast as this short time working of various treatments which then never can be repeated seems to be a common theme so how a cure is going to be found is a very worrying thought.

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