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Magnesium and Calcium could help with sleeping ?

I have been diagnosed with RLS and I have been prescribed Ropinerole but I coudn't take them because they contain E172 colour and I am badly allergic to that colour.

I searched the internet to find any alternative that would help me sleep and I have come across a couple of things:

1- Amytriptiline can cause or amplify RLS. I was on that drug to help against pain at night but I have now stopped taking it.

2- The combination of Magnesium and Calcium could help relieving the symptoms of RLS.

I have bought from Boots vitamin supplement that contains the mixture of Calcium and Magnesium and since I have not had any problems with RLS. When I met with my neurologist, I did mention the fact that I was taking this supplement and she confirmed that this was a combination that could help RLS.

I have to admit that my RLS is mild but, I am certain that the steps that I have taken have definitely help.

I just thought to pass on this information in case it can help anyone else.

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magnesium is recommended for leg cramps, I do know. Whether it would help severe RLS is another question, but you say yours is mild. I had the same experience with amitriptyline. Really bad stuff for RLS. The worst I ever had. Good luck. ;)


hi just to let you no I had an intolerance test the other day and he told me I was allergic to E110 which is sunset yellow if you look on the pack of ripinarole this is the ingredient that contains E110 yellow colouring


hiya cally21, what did you do? Have you been prescribed an alternative?

As far as I am concerned, it's definitely E172 - yellow, and it's listed in the leaflet's list of ingredient. I come up with a terrible rash when i take it. I've discovered this from taking another drug that I take for Rheumatoid Arthritis. It's a long story but E172 comes in 3 colours, yellow, red and black. I'm only allergic to the Yellow colour.


Magnesium is a well recommended help for some rls sufferers. I have a magnesiun oil spray which sometimes helps. I would say my RLS is severe though.

and from what I understand calcium helps absorb more of the magnesium. so if its working for you brilliant!!!!!

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Hi I take the magnesium and calcium from boots and this has defiantly had a improvement for me, I would not say I have RLS bad, but not mild either, it seems to of eased it from waking up nearly crying not being able to get back to sleep to just waking a bit not in as much uncomfortableness to being able to get back to sleep. Worth a try,I know it probably varies from person to person but defiantly worth a try.


I have taken this supplement and stopped the amytriptiline for about a month and I can really see an improvement. I think that this is worth trying. It's not a miracle but I'm sure that it can help.


I have been much better since I got my Iron level tested, it was below the accepted level so I am now on Iron tablets. It's not perfect but I sleep a lot better than I did. Even though I was not anaemic (spelling?) my doctor said I was not storing any reserves


I get so... um.. happy when I read that someone has found out

what works for them. I know that this is way off topic here Pineapple,

What are you taking for RA. I too, have RA and I'm taking Simponi,

thinking about adding MTX. Do you know if those medicines have a

RLS association? My RA isn't bad at all... with the medicines.


Yikes, not everyone benefits from either iron or magnesium, neither helped my RLS. But its nice to hear they help some people. I still only use the RLS meds, its the only thing that works for me.


Yikes, I think that everyone reacts differently to medicines. I'm surprised that you say that your RA is mild because Simponi is an anti-TNF which is only given to severe RA, at least in the UK. I have tried MTX and i couldn't cope on it. I made me too tired and was unable to work when I was on it. I tried to increase the folic acid but that didn't work. At the moment I take Arava (Leflunomide) 20mg and I'm very well on it. I think many drugs do affects the nervous system, so you will find out only when you have tried it. Good luck


Without Simponi. I would suffer quite a lot. I've been

on and off it. I did Humira, Remicade and a bunch

of oral pills including Leflunomide. I'm desperate to

find out why mine is so bad at least 14 hours out

of 24. Having both RLS and RA is exhausting. I

have gotten steroids for the symptoms of RA..

seems that those long lasting steroids really help

in settling down inflammation and helps my legs to

stay still longer.

Thanks for the information. I hope that you continue

to get good results with Leflunomide. It was too

hard on my liver to go that route again.


Sorry if I was no help! Good luck with MTX. I'm sure having both RA and RLS would make anyone miserable with the pain caused by both. I wish you the best of luck, I really hope you find the best combination of drugs that will help you. You take care


Hi pineapple-head Thanks so much for this info I'm gonna give it a go. I have severe RLS have had ropinnirol , amatriptolene and gabapentin(soz spelling ?) nothing seems to be workink so been prescribed zopiclone again sadly. ( don't like feeling like a zombie ). Missymaz


Missymaz, I'm sure that you understand that this won't be a miracle cure! But it's safe to all and is good for you. So worth trying! Good luck!


Hi pineapple-head, I take Magnesium Tablets too at night, and find lately that it does seem to help with the sleeping. Some nights I am back to my old self and stay awake all night but mainly it seems to work

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I'm really glad that it works for you. It's definitely worth trying. I'm still taking it and I'm sure that it helps me :-D


Hi pineapple-head. I must add though that sometimes it doesn't work and God only knows why.I having one of those nights right now and it is 03.47 hours and haven't had any sleep whatsoever. This damn illness is so unexplainable and drives you to despair. I truly hope you are getting better.


When I can feel my legs will start playing up mostly at around 8- 9pm, I take 2 paracetamol and 15mg of codeine and I go to bed and read till I fall asleep. That normally sorts it out. If I wake up after 4 hours and it starts again, I take another dose of paracetamol and codeine. This way I get my sleep because sleeping is what eventually calms things down and being tired, for me is the trigger. Hope this helps!


Thanks pineapple-head. Best of luck


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