Magnesium Deficiency


I have just read this article that suggests that a Magnesium Deficiency can be the cause of RLS. Does anyone else know anything about this or have they been advised to take supplements to help?

Here is the article below

"Restless leg syndrome – Restless leg syndrome has only recently been recognized by the medical community, but those who suffer from it know that it has always been all too real. The condition causes a feeling of jitteriness and muscle tension in the legs, and sometimes the arms as well. The feeling is usually described as a constant, irresistible need to move the affected limb. Since the symptoms are usually worse at night, it can make sleep nearly impossible"

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  • A lot of people say that magnesium helps their RLS. As far as i know there has been no studies done to confirm it. But taking it will not harm you so worth a go. It didnt work for me just made me rush to the loo alot.

  • Thanks for your reply, I guess i'm clutching at straws because I'm so desperate for some sleep lol xx

  • Yes, I've started taking Mg recently and seen a big improvement. I've been able to halve my ropinirole dosage and the side effects have gone away completely. I'm not cured, but by being able to function properly after 9pm, I've got a chunk of my life back. Well worth a try.

  • Thank you for your reply, well that sounds promising. May i ask what dose of Mg you are on please x

  • 250mg per day. Took 3/4 days to kick in.

  • Thank you xx

  • From what I understand, there are several potential causes of RLS, magnesium deficiency being one. I have definitely noticed relief from Epsom salt baths and high quality magnesium supplements. There are different formulations. Chelated Magnesium Citrate can also act as a laxative so depending on other issues you may or may not want to go that route. There is a lot of information about magnesium for RLS online.

  • What howlinwoolf said^^^

  • In which food I can get sufficient magnesium. I also feeling my magnesium deficiency .

  • Some of the foods high in magnesium include dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, fish, beans, whole grains, avocados, yogurt, bananas, dried fruit, dark chocolate.

  • Food is not particularly efficient for bioavailable magnesium. Especially if you have digestive health issues. I eat all of those things almost exclusively and still need a supplement. But I have tummy problems.

  • I have taken magnesium for quite a few years, it relieved my ILS in legs but getting a great deal of it in my shoulders and arms, they become unbearable at times. I am trying acupuncture at the moment.

  • I also have mag salts in the bath which I think helps,the mag oil to rub on the legs are good but be carefull because it makes your skin very rough ang itchy ,

  • My arm rest less and I tired any thing doing or thinking my hand try to force create.

    Sleeping time it is more. While awak up one hour is ok then again restless hand and arms.

  • Thank you everyone for your comments, i'm definitely going to look into increasing my Magnesium intake be it by increasing my foods rich in this mineral or taking a supplement as I think it may help.

  • Have you tried magnesium oil? I don't like taking tabletsts/callers and I get quick/fast relief.

  • I've never though about Magnesium Oil, that's another thing i'm going to look into.

  • Magnesium does help I try to eat food rich in this. But still it may help but medicine is the only way to ever stop it for me. I have tried so many things and I have had this all my life Like I tell my dr it makes me feel trapped and I hate it wish I could lay down and go to sleep normal like others that don't have this.

  • It really is a horrible condition to have. I don't think anyone would realise just how horrible unless they have it too.

  • I take a magnesium supplement , I bought it from my local savers store £1 for 30 tabs.

    I am sure they help although I still take prescription tabs for RLS.

  • I have heard a similar cause being iron deficiency also. My grandmother, who was nicknamed the Galloping Maresfield because of her RLS, cured herself by taking corned beef sandwiches to bed. It works for me now too

  • Hi-I listen to radio 4 on a sleep asleep within 30mins! Distraction works well for me😊

  • There are so many types of Mg. I tried them all - or nearly. Best by far is Magtein - a patented supplement, Magnesium L-threonate. Great article here

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