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CBD oil

Have just started taking Holland and Barrett CBD oil 2.5%, mainly as I barely sleep at all. RLS not bad at the moment so unsure if it’s helping this. I took about 4 drops the last couple of nights and an hour and a half later I was fallen no asleep in front of the TV. I went to bed and didn’t fall asleep straight away but did sleep in the night on and off quite restless. I struggled to get up nine hours later feeling a bit drugged but mainly I have felt very low and slightly depressed for the last two days which is totally unlike me. I hasten to add that all otc medications for sleep don’t work for me at all. Melatonin, valerian, 5htp, antihistamines and even sleeping tablets. I can’t think what else could be causing this low. I shall stop it tonight and see how I am over the next couple of days.

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What is CBD oil


Cannabidiol. ie hemp seed oil. Supposed to help many conditions.


What strength THC?


Only 2.5%. That’s the odd thing it’s only very weak.


2.5% is the CBD percentage. The THC content (often less than 0.2%) is negligible in CBD oil. Otherwise it wouldn’t be legal.


Ah. ok Mine says THC of less than 0.05%

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I am new to Health Unlock. Have you tried taurine, its an amino acid. You can either take it on its own or it with magnesium. It may be worth a try

Good luck


I also use CBD oil from Holland & Barrett and find it very effective in preventing RLS in the daytime. Previously, I could not sit comfortably throughout the day and dreaded taking flights or going to the theatre or cinema etc.

I also find it helpful at night and it has enabled me to halve my Pramipexole medication down to 1 tablet.

The keyword is "preventing" because once an RLS attack occurs, taking CBD oil has no beneficial affect for me.

I take 2 drops under the tongue twice a day, at roughly 11am and 6pm.


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