Anyone tried CBD Oil?

Must be a couple of years since I posted on here - at that time I'd progressed from unsatisfactory Ropinirole to the then-new Neupro 3mg transdermal patch, at which point I thought I'd cracked it. However, over the last few weeks the patches seem to have lost their efficacy - got no sleep at all last night. My thoughts drifted to the well-known benefits of 'medical cannabis' in the treatment of some neuro-muscular disorders, but which is off-limits in the UK. I've done some digging around on-line this afternoon and came across a product known as CBD Oil, or 'medical marijuana', which is cannabis with the high-inducing THC removed and therefore entirely legal. There are many scientific reports on-line that suggest that this compound is effective in the treatment of pain associated with RLS, and any number of vendors. It can be either 'vaped' in an e-ciggie, or a few drops placed under the tongue before bedtime. It's a bit pricey, but what price a good night's sleep? Has anyone else out there looked into this, or maybe even tried it?

Thanks in advance for any comments/advice.

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  • I think I remember reading about CBD oil and that it wasn't really CBD oil from Cannabis Sativa rahter its from HEMP which isn't psychoactive.

    Can you post a link to the site please?



    Big difference in price and both made from different plants as you can read on the cbdbrothers site.

    To be honest I have used cannabis in the past including getting a strain that was bred to be very high in CBD. I found the high CBD one to be less effective than high THC.

    Proper cannabis has, among others CBG CBC CBL CBV and THCV. Many claim it is the interaction with all the cannabinoids that allows it to work so well.

    Here is a nice image of the difereing parts and what they do:

    Hope this helps, good luck and I hope you find relief soon.

  • The CBD stuff is useless. The THC ones are the ones that help RLS. CBD has the THC removed, and makes it fairly useless for RLS. I recommend the high THC variety. ;) I live in a medical MJ state in the US also.

  • I went thru all the expense of getting qualified for medical marijuana in Arizona U.S.A. and they have deliberately made it expensive, but after two months I found no additional or even marginal benefit from its use. I quit using it but nobody in the organized chain who collected all that money ever gave any back. In AZ it is politician and their lackies who benefit from medical marijuana, not patients. Good luck, I hope it helps.

  • From my experience different strains were good for different things - Strawberry Cough worked wonders on my RLS Sensi Star was great for pain. A high CBD strain - bred to be very high in CBD did nothing.

    For cannabis its trial and errort as far as I can see.

    I ordered CBD oil from:

    well through Amazon, as payment was handier, after talking with Andrew there who was very helpful. AS soon as it arrives I will be using it and reporting on here.

  • helps me. If I do not have it, I do not sleep.

  • windwalker, like raffs said, there are different strains of pot for different things. You may have not gotten the right one for YOU. I would not give up on it yet! ;)

  • Hi, I am new on site and on patches 3mg plus meripexin and am still walking floor, thank you

  • Maybe its time to re-evaluate the drugs - they obviously aren't working.

    If the RLS has gotten worse you are likely experiencing augmentation and need to come off them.

    The 3mg is as high as you should go with RLS as far as I'm aware then you have the blasted Mirapexin added in so likely taking more than you should.

    If you take a quick look on here you will find numerous posts with lists of drugs people have tried and may get some ideas. Some info here:!treating-rls/czj2

    Good luck

  • Thewingco- I've been taking CBD oil! And it worked amazing wonders. I had been taking Mirapex for 15 years to control my RLS. After 4 failed attempts of weening-off, by way of heavy narcotics, I found the CBD oil in an edible cookie form

    They also make a body oil, which I haven't tried but would love to hear if it works for you.

    I should also note that it took about 3 weeks to build up in my system before I had consistent results. But the anxiety I felt at night leading up to 'trying' to fall asleep was relieved immediately.

  • Have you ever tried the tinctures?

  • No, I haven't. Though Recently Ive taken stronger doses in capsule form. That worked well at the beginning. From my experience, it seems I needed to build up the CBD in my system before I was able to get sleep. Now, I prefer the cookies because I can control (limit or increase) the amount of medicine simply by breaking off the amount I need piece by piece. .....and the gingersnaps taste so good :-)

  • So my oil came today. I've had 5 drops sublingual held for three mins, (which wasn't overly pleasant). In about 20 minutes I should be experiencing the effects.

    Fingers crossed I get some relief.

  • Been sat at the computer for a while which normally results in an acute pain in the base of my neck. SO far SO good. Can't say I notice any side effects as in altered perception that comes with cannabis use so again all looking good.

    Hopefully it will continue to work for a while. I still have other aches and pains but this early on it does seem to be having some effect on the pain. :)

  • OK four hours on and after a bit of a potter in the garden and sitting at the PC there definitely is less pain in my neck/shoulders. Now it may be placebo as I am desperate for relief but I'll take that at the moment.

    IF it is like many say and the CBD needs to build I can only hope that things improve more.

    I have not noticed anything other than the pain relief in my neck/shoulders I still have aches elsewhere, (maybe not as bad, maybe). I haven't noticed any psychoactive effects - I am really pissed off with my Dr this weather and that hasn't eased so hopefully it will just impact on the pain.

  • Many thanks for all of your responses. Seems to be the same old story . . . that what one medication works for one sufferer doesn't necessarily apply for another. What a sh%$/>*"* this affliction is! Since my original post I've had relatively good nights' sleep - it's odd that severe attacks seem to come in batches: maybe 7-10 nights of really stressful episodes, followed by 7-10 days symptom-free. Anyone else have this on/off experience?

  • Yes, I have this on/off issue. I can have as much as a week of no or not much RLS and then 5-7 days of hell. It's even have it in my back, shoulders, pelvis now. I take taurine, chelated magnesium, GABA sublingual at night. Have found that the herb jamaican Dogwood helps with muscle spasms. It seems whenever I find something that really helps, it doesn't last for long. I was using Crystal Star Muscle Relaxer capsules and that really helped, but it also contains kava, valerian, and other herbs for hormones which was affecting me during the day. I had bottle of CibDex Raw spray which really helps with anxiety and calms the mind; did nothing for the RLS. Oh, if you can find St. John's Wort OIL and rub on your legs that also really helps. When I have the bad nights I have to take more of everything. the only thing I've found that really consistently works is a product called Etherium Black. I buy the powder and put it into capsules myself because this saves some money. It really, really helps along with the mag, taurine and GABA. It's a very interesting product. It counteracts negative energies/EMF's and absorbs toxins produced by the body in reaction to EMF's. I've always felt that RLS is greatly aggravated by EMF's and even chemtrails (I know this is a very touchy and controversial topic for many, but not hard for me to grasp because I was groomed for the Monarch Mind Control program as a child with resulting PTSD later in life which I overcame but ended with valium addiction which of course leads to really bad RLS). Oh, I am also gluten free and mostly grain free. If I eat any wheat products the RLS is off the charts along with full body pain. Here's the link for Etherium Black: Go to the monotomic minerals section.

  • Hi, I,ve had RLS for almost 30 years. I've had to progress from mild to serious medications to be able to sleep. A friend visited this year with some eatables. It was a breakfast cereal. 😀 I have to take my medication right on time or I get symptoms. This night I was late to take my Meds. He offered these eatables and while I was already having symptoms and unable lay down to watch a movie I ate some of this cereal. I walked around the room watching the movie and 20 minutes the RLS was gone. The relief lasted about 3hours. I took my Meds anyway that night. The next eve I ate the cereal and I was comfortable that night and took the RLS med late

    anyway. Why don't I continue? Because I was spaced out the next day from the "cereal". Let me know what happens.

  • Yes. CBD works great for me. Research it. Get it from a good source. I have found the at least 15mg of actual CBD concentrated oil relieves my symptoms within minutes. CBDPlus is an excellent brand.

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