I know the use of magnesium supplements have been discussed before but hope this helps some of my fellow sufferers. Briefly, I have had RLS for many years but never sought medical help for the condition as I take various other medication (forAF).however it was getting progressively worse, keeping me awake for hours every night.

On research I discovered that several of my meds could deplete various vitamins and minerals. I started with a vitamin b complex and then, just over a month ago magnesium citrate. For a month now no RLS! My legs get a little twitchy late at night when I'm tired, but no more pacing the floor in the middle of the night. I've since found that vit b6 helps the body absorb magnesium. Hope this helps. Keep well folks.

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  • Thanks for the helpful information.

    Useful to know.

  • Glad that it's working for you and thanks for sharing. Take Care

  • Ooh, that's interesting! I also take several meds. not related to RLS and I never thought of them depleting vitamins and minerals! Will check it out! Thanks!

  • Hey,

    Just looked at the site and wow! Lots of good info. regarding the relationship between medicines and mineral/vitamin depletion, etc. Definitely worth looking at!!

    Thanks so much, Silver40!!!!

  • Scary isn't it?!! These wonderful meds working away to improve our ills on one hand and potentially depleting our essential nutrients on the other! Will look at the site you mentioned. Good luck.

  • Hi, how much magnesium citrate and B6 do you take, and at what time(s) of day? Thanyou

  • Hi EveW. I take 400mg magnesium citrate and vitamin b complex which includes 1.4mg vit b6. I take these as one dose at 7pm with my main meal. Hope this helps.

  • Belatedly, thankyou for the information

  • Magnesium is huge for insomnia RLS. However every form I try (and I've tried a lot!) gives me a paradoxical reaction - excitability not relaxing at all. I've tried many times and all I can handle is Mg Oil in the AM. Any hints on this would be a God-send. Now I'm increasing dietary Calcium to see if that helps the reaction to Mg.

  • Sorry magnesium doesn't work for you. It's a game of trial and error isn't it? I actually started taking it to deal with muscle weakness and fatigue. No real improvement there ( I would welcome a bit of excitability!) but the effect on RLS has been most welcome. Hope you find what's right for you soon. Best wishes

  • I think it might be down to me reading this post that I tried magnesium citrate, not had any twitches for 2 days, fingers crossed.

  • Good luck Leelee. Hope it keeps working for you!

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