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Has anyone looked into magnesium connection in rls.?


Hi everyone..

Thought I'd mention this.

Check out."Healthline"

The link between magnesium and rls.

It's Soooo interesting.. apparently magnesium can be a remedy., because of its calcium blocking abilities..it helps regulate the nerves and muscles instead of letting calcium "activate" the nerves.

Would love feedback on this.

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I heard some similar reports so I bought some magnesium a week or two ago. But it seemed to keep me awake at night. I'll wait a little while and give it another shot maybe it was something else keeping me awake.

Grammy12 in reply to niabxxx

Kept me awake too.

There is a distinct link between Magnesium and RLS. The problem is I can't quite figure out what it is! When I had severe RLS - it was preceded by a period of severe leg cramps - bad enough that I would almost want to call an ambulance especially when it was the large muscles in the leg - quads or hamstrings. Leg cramps are a sure sign of electrolyte imbalance, magnesium and/or potassium. So, I took all manner of Mg supplements to eliminate the cramps. Then severe RLS kicked in. My theory is that both conditions - RLS and Leg Cramps are not related in themselves - but stem from the same Mg problem. It took me 3-5 months to figure out the iron connection (ferrous bisglycinate solved the severe RLS). Most researchers will agree that RLS is a dysregulation of iron and dopamine IN THE BRAIN - hence the success of DA and iron supplements (for some RLSers). There is a connection with Mg and Iron regulation, and brain iron is connected to Dopamine regulation. I still come back to the Mg question - like now all Mg supplements are excitable to me after a few days, and my protracted insomnia remains. What caused the (assumably) deficiency in Magnesium in the first place? There is more to all this that's for sure!

Yes. Dr. Caroline Dean has done extensive research into Magnesium deficiency in the population, and her findings are pretty earth-shattering. She has perfected a picometer magnesium that is 100% absorbed and does not cause the laxative effect. All other magnesium is either poorly absorbed or causes the laxative effect when taking even the recommended dosage. She has some patients who have been cured of RLS with her magnesium. She is worth the investigation. drcarolyndean.com/?s=Restle...

I am taking her ReMag and Remyte solutions, and my RLS is changing...which it hasn't done over the years except to get worse. It will take a while, but I will hang in there. She has a wonderful book that I bought on Kindle, and it is very inexpensive. She says there are almost 800 functions in the body that require magnesium to work. And almost everyone on the planet is deficient in Magnesium. Her book is also available on Amazon: The Magnesium Miracle. God bless!

This is very interesting. I hope you will continue to post about your experiences.

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