Timing of iron and magnesium

Thanks in advance for your advice!

I take Horizant (gabapentin enacarbil) 600 mg as prescribed at 5 PM with food. I am also on 1 mg of the Neupro patch, which I apply after my bath at night. I have been taking a magnesium citrate supplement after 8 PM so as to not interfere with Horizant absorption. If I understand correctly, I should take my Gentle Iron (plus vitamin C) on empty stomach at night? If I take it near 5 PM, will it interfere with Horizant absorption. If I take it near 8 PM, will it interfere with the Magnesium absorption? My ferritin level is 92 and I suppose I can safely increase iron supplement to twice a day?

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  • A ferritin level of 92 is a reasonable level, the recommended level is 70-100.

  • Can you tell me which antihistamine is ok for rls? Oxycodone makes me very itchy but works well

  • Excellent , Raffs. As usual!😁

  • Have to try and keep up with you guys :)

  • Hi Whiteleye,

    I take my iron on an empty stomach at about 6pm, having had a cup of tea at about 4p.m and my evening meal at 8pm followed by my Ropinerole, then magnesium before bed.

    I don't know if that hlps you but it works for me.

  • Ferritin of 92 is fairly high. I started with 49 and bad RLS. Discovered iron when supplementing with Black Strap Molasses (high in iron). Eventually went to Ferrous Bisglycinate Chelate (crosses the blood/brain barrier more readily) 18 mg once a day (AM, 1 hour after eating and 2 hours before eating again). After 3 months Ferritin rose to 106, I stopped Fe completely, and Ferritin went to 75 with a return of RLS symptoms. I'm back to 3 days/week of Iron supplements. Do consider the addition of probiotic LP299V shown to increase iron absorption.

  • My ferritin level started in the 30s, rising to something like 125 after supplementation. However, it didn't stay at that level, and dropped back down to under 75. Apparently, restless leg patients lose iron quickly. I am trying to get my ferritin to 100 and keep it there, if possible. I am also trying to not interfere with the absorption of Horizant, which I take at 5 PM. According to article above, I can probably take both the iron (along with Vit C) and magnesium at same time before I go to bed.

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