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Increase Dopamine Levels with these Foods

Natural Society Says:

Dopamine is the brain’s feel good chemical, sending feelings of well-being and pleasure into your body. In addition to simply making you feel good, dopamine helps control weight, energy levels, and supports brain and heart health. Without it, we would be more fat, unhappy, and tired. But if you know how to increase dopamine levels, you can take advantage of this feel good chemical on command. The best part? You can increase dopamine levels just by eating certain foods.

Fat, unhappy, and tired—those words seem to fit many Americans quite well. Fortunately, boosting dopamine production levels could help. The right amount of dopamine could lift you from depression, help you lose weight, and put some life back into your life.

How To Increase Dopamine Levels Through Foods And Activity

But, how can you boost dopamine levels naturally? Since dopamine is synthesized from tyrosine, you can simply consume foods rich in tyrosine to boost dopamine production. Certain foods help balance dopamine levels, including:

Fish – Evidence suggest Omega 3 fats may be linked to dopamine production

Eggs – Contains tyrosine

Spirulina – Contains tyrosine

Red beets – Contain betaine, acting as an antidepressant, and tyrosine

Apples – Contain quercetin, to prevent neurodegeneration and boost dopamine

Kale – Rich in folate, to trigger dopamine production

Oregano Oil – Has promising effects on mood swings and cravings by increasing dopamine levels

Bananas – Including the amino acid tyrosine, which boosts dopamine

Strawberries and blueberries – Include tyrosine, like bananas

Green tea – Contains polyphenols, good for brain and heart function, as well as dopamine production

Herbs like ginkgo biloba, nettles, dandelion, and ginseng

Another solution for how to increase dopamine levels and flood your brain with this feel-good chemical is exercise. When you exercise, the cells in your brain (and the rest of your body) start firing, becoming more energized. You also produce more serotonin and dopamine—both crucial in mood elevation. Some credit these chemicals with what’s known as the “runner’s high”, common in endurance athletes. But we do know they make you feel good, and a sense of wellbeing and happiness can increase your physical health in turn.

Alternatively, you could also take supplements to boost dopamine, although foods and exercise may be the two best and most beneficial options. Some of the supplements options to increase dopamine levels are:

Ginkgo Biloba – Ginkgo can increase dopamine while enhancing oxygen flow and blood flow to the brain – promoting healthy transmission of nerve impulses.

Phenylalnine – This essential amino acid can convert in the body to tyrosine, which is sued to synthesize dopamine.

Tyrosine – What people often want in food to boost dopamine, tyrosine can also be taken as a supplement. Tyrosine is converted from phenylalnine.

What you put in your body and how you use your body determines how you feel. While a medical doctor would be quick to prescribe an anti-depressant if he felt you had a depression chemical imbalance (which some experts say doesn’t exist) like dopamine deficiency, that prescription would likely be completely unnecessary. Instead, through a healthy, whole foods diet and regular exercise, you can boost your mood and attain overall wellness.

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5 Replies

That was some post Karen I hope that every one appreciats your brilliant work


Erona, what really is upsetting is that no one wants to work at this..

changing a diet, sleep schedule, or lifestyle changes take too long for

anyone to see it through = it works... and when people say that they tried the diet.. I have a stinking feeling that they sneak in snacks and other foods that are not part of the healing foods plan.. and then it fails. They quit after a few days, weeks.. so no one knows if it actually works.

What it takes is too difficult for me to do and I am so friggen disciplined about what foods go into the body... I fail and

eat the processed foods or a few bites of streak, then chicken

and sometimes it's breaded. Sometimes I go nuts on white bread..

I am not brilliant Erona... I am posting something that I know will fail. Why? We are tired people and feel terrible - me- sometimes lazy so

I eat wrong foods.. I skip the workout sometimes.. I just don't "Feel" like working on this.. what I want is a pill to do the work for me. I don't want to have to change a damn thing.

so I am going to just keep on doing what I am doing.. going from pill to pill to patch to patch .......and I will wait for them to make better drugs.

Makes sense, Right?

There Erona.. that reply is just for you because you know that I will get out of this bad mood and will try some more.


Well if know one reads your food recomendations it's there loss X


Well Erona, as long as those foods are included then the body gets what it needs. I was a little bit crabby last night in my reply. Maybe it's because I myself am on the mirapex now wishing I wasn't. I hate to have to be carrying Mirapex around with me just in case my legs start going nuts or if I am not home right at 6pm to take it. It's driving me nuts to be so dependent on a pill to do the job for me.


Hidden - you have typed from the website you mentioned. (and I suspect many of us are grateful for the work you have put in), but - What I REALLY WANT TO KNOW is HOW MUCH OF EACH ITEM OF FOOD OR DRINK would be recommended daily? This is always rarely mentioned in lots of stuff I read. I mean, do you eat a spoonful of Kale or do you need a truck load delivered every day and get through it? Thing is, I eat fish 3 to 4 times for a meal per week. Now, is that enough, not enough, too much or what?

For example, I have been drinking green tea with peppermint and parsley, one cup per day. Is that going to have any impact on my health, too little, too much or what? It would be great that when someone recommends something that would be good for us, to also mention HOW MUCH PER DAY. I surely dont want to upset anybody at all, just want answers for us all. I believe that this is what this Site is for.

Also, if any one of us gets to a point of having had enough, then we should be able to say how we feel. There are many days that I would love to say exactly how I feel. No one has to agree with me, thats not the point. Someone just has to have a little sympathy for me. Arent we going through the same thing? My own family 'have had enough', so now I say absolutely nothing about my health! It is hard. When someone rings and they say 'how are you going' I just say 'Fine' and leave it at that. One becomes very good at acting. If you have read all of this, I thank you. Im just a regular, normal every day person with an illness who wants someone just to understand. Janet


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