Restless Legs Syndrome
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How to Increase Dopamine Naturally ?

I don't know if we could increase our dopamine level naturally but reading below will not harm, except in diet section, I wouldn't recommend it for those having gout, which I do :(

Dopamine is a brain neurotransmitter that is responsible for mood and attentiveness. Imbalanced dopamine levels have been associated with both mental and physical disorders ranging from depression to Parkinson's disease. Because of dopamine's relationship to these diseases, there are a number of prescription medications available to help regulate the presence of dopamine in the brain. However, it is possible to influence the level of dopamine without taking medications. The following natural methods will give you all the benefits of this vital nuerotransmitter without the potential side effects of a pill.


Sleep more. Rest gives the brain time to recuperate from the day and recharge its stores of neurotransmitters. Sleep cycles last 90 minutes at a time, so take this into consideration when going to bed at night or even taking a nap during the day. Allowing yourself to sleep for full cycles will help maximize the benefit of your rest time.


Relax. High stress levels are strongly correlated with dopamine deficiency. Reserving some time each day to set aside your problems and think calming thoughts will help alleviate this stress and allow the dopamine to flow.


Exercise. The increased blood circulation that accompanies exercise influences the presence of many different hormones within the brain, including dopamine.


Eat well. While a well-balanced diet will almost certainly make you feel better on its own, there are certain foods that are known specifically to increase dopamine levels in the body. Some of the most notable are almonds, bananas and avocados and high protein foods.

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Thank you Rahim for this information, it's very usefull for me. This is the place to be when you're suffering with RLS, I'm very gratefull with this site.


You are absolutely welcome dear dennis

It is good to know what we need to know :)


Ever hear of "Runner's High" that's what happens after you run for

a certain amount of time. =) I can attest that it's the best high ever. =)

This is stupid and embarrassing but I will share anyway. A midwife told

me that pain in any area of the body that is great enough will

release endorphins to try to comfort the spots that

I put a clothespin under my nose, above the upper lip. It worked

for me but I was completely miserable so I moved the clothespin

to the inside of my upper thigh.. that was too much so I moved it

to the back of my arm... that was insane pain...

but she was so right... I forgot about the pain in my knee just

after knee surgery. It got me through until it was time for the

pain pills. The midwife happens to be a very best friend of mine.

She was visiting me. Later I told her and she laughed. I have

not used that method since...but it worked. haha.

I have to work during the day so a nap would certainly help balance

my sleep schedule.. but I can't do it.. darn.

Hope you are sleeping well, it's nearly 2am in the USA and I am

awake thanks to drinking coffee late. My legs are not acting up

but my brain is not even close to ready to shut down. I have

to be at work early tomorrow (or today, rather)


I catch up 90% of needed sleep with no nap in midday but my case has not gone to a frustrating mood yet and I hope never dose :)


Please excuse my ignorance, but what is clothespin? I have never heard of this? does it help with RLS? I notice you are in USA it is wonderful that our messages get to all corners of the world, and that we all have common problem. Obviously you have RLS too, how do you cope with your symptons. Widgeylegs


LOL A clothespin is a clip type thingy that we hang clothes on a clothesline to dry the laundry. That would HURT to clip one of those things on! I am from the US, too. ;)


I think the clothespin means the same as our clothes peg....


I wrote that...haha.. 2 years just flew right on past.

It's hidden because I quit with HU for a long time.

I closed my account. I remember doing that with the

clothespin. I learned a lot from doing it.

Thanks for the reminder Rahim. X Karen


I know this is trying to help but, sleep....i wish we could..... Relax.... hard to do if you cant sleep.... Exercise... good for some but not all. Food.... some food MIGHT help...

If only it was as simple as following the steps rahim50 has posted... no one would be looking for help.. :)


Right Dear Elisse

A good thing is we are in the same boat so we understand each other, yes those are easy to say but hard or may be for some of us impossible to do, I agree with that but obviously we don't have to cover them all every they.

Also at least there is no side effects or worsening the case. I hope ;)


I sooooo wish i could nap in the day to catch up, when i have had a bad night with my RLS, napping is out of the question in the day, as soon as i lay down to try my RLS will say....oh no you dont, i will keep you awake by making your legs jump. lol...



and even sleeping pills do not help much . My dream is to rest in peace :)


Elisse, there comes a time that you cannot stay awake unless you attach painful stimulation. My head will fall down and eyes close so why fight it. For some, a nap is the biggest reward for doing work all morning long. I still sleep whenever I can if I have any time to do so. I don't really care what the clock says. Sometimes my body says too bad, I am going to sleep no matter what and sometimes the RLS comes in to trump the sleeping.


I sadly have the same problem as Elisse, it is as if my RLS knows when I want to sit down and relax and read or just relax, I find I have to keep busy all the time and I do get very tired and teasy as I hear of sooooo many people who can just switch off and do nothing, and Chill as they call it, I envy them so much, there are times I cannot be with some of my friends qas they just sit around and chill, and I get so exasperated, I could cry, I eat bananas and eat all the various nuts in creation, and I am glad that Rahim50 has found a way to beat his RLS, I think most of us have tried the different things both medicinally and naturally, but they don't always work for us. You are very lucky Rahim50. Do you take any medication for your RLS?


Dear wid,

I haven't beat my RLS yet and I am not sure I will in the future, the fact is, for a week I was fine with no kicks at all but after that week it came back and said don't be so happy I am here to serve you :( . Now I am not sure to trust my doc's treatment or try something else. I really need to find out that I have RLS, peripheral neuropathy or polyradiculoneuropathy at the first place. Some Doctors may not be so eligible to be trusted in full-scale and may be we need to trust scientific logics more than their diagnoses ( not deep and profound ). I will keep going on and be in touch dears :)

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Hi rahim, are you saying you think you do not have RLS ??? Its sounds like RLS to me. Have you looked at the criteria for RLS. ?? There is no test for RLS, which i am sure you already know, its the symptoms that tell you and your doctor you have RLS. :)


Hello Elisse

See, my both feet has numbness but when I read the symptoms for RLS it does not say anything about it in other words my case does not fit in either ones in exact.

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Do you have the "URGE to MOVE" your legs or arms and very restless, hence the name Restless Legs. Numbness has nothing to do with RLS, but you COULD have both things. With RLS, it is known as a movement related sleep disorder that is neurological, so the symptoms of RLS are way different than neuropathy. OR, just do a simple search "diagnostic criteria for RLS". There is no mistaking RLS for something else, if the doctor knows what he is doing. ;)


Widgeylegs and Elisse, Some people can eat enough bananas from here to the moon and back and it won't be enough.. some deficiencies are so great that pills are absolutely necessary. Some of the junk foods and especially soft drinks, (like colas and others like that) will wipe out the nutrients. Medicines do the same thing. I wish that more doctors would test people. The success rate would climb so high if everyone knew how to eat right for their own body. XXKaren


I agree with you both Widgeylegs and Elisse: what works for one does not work for another, that's the problem with RLS: it's not the same with everybody (excuse my english, I'm Dutch) it's a very complicated disease.It's sad if you can't sleep or take a nap during the day. I don't take naps during the day, but I can sleep for 4 or 5 hours a night, because I use Pramipexole (slow working) and I'm happy with that sleep. I also did today a trip by car for 1,5 hours and no RLS, that's a big releave.


I pray your relief be extended to months and years :)

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Check out Dr. Pam Peeke's The Hunger Fix, which is an approach to controlling food addiction (which decimates the dopamine system in the brain) through dopamine-enhancing nutrition (it promotes dopamine precursors in amino acids, tyrosine and phenylalanine that are catalyzed by vitamins and minerals like B-6 and zinc, activities such as learning, music, laughter, and physical movement (repetitive movement is best in early stages of recovery). Because dopamine controls the reward centers of the brain, any activity that brings on a sense of anticipation and achievement is essential to your dopamine-amping arsenal.


Thanks for your technical helpful information daisy :)


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