Restless Legs Syndrome
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5% Lidocaine Lidoderm Patches

Sunday March 29, 2015

I was prescribed 5% Lidocaine Lidoderm Patches, mfg Enda Pharmaceuticals for Severe Pain in my lower back on the right side. I was prescribed a Tens Unit for my back and for RLS. I thought one day while a severe RLS session was under way....Pramipexole Magnesium Citrate, Ferrous Sulphate, Supplements of all kinds were phasing my violent RLS, so I thought, put a Lidocaine Patch on the affected muscles. Yoicks, Boysen Girls, It worked. After a few minutes the spasming stopped. That annoying urge to move ceased.

Comfort, Sleep, BUT the Patches aren't documented except for now as being effective. They're expensive on Discount $77/box of 30.

Since their effectiveness is only anecdotal Insurances won't pickup the tab. I've tried the Lidocaine Gel topically on my legs No. Someone posted that Lidocaine cream worked well I haven't tried it yet

I've been told the NHS won't prescribe them for RLS either. Neither will Medicaid Medicare.

My patches by Enda Pharmaceuticals are prescription only. I don't no if any of the non prescription Analgesic Lidocaine Patches work. I'm on my last box that I bought for $8 on a Mfg Low-Income Discount.

My doctor recently started me back on Morphine for Pain and RLS The Morphine lessens the intensity of the spasming but doesn't stop it. I will hopefully start doing cardio and resistance exercising. Hopefully that will fatigue my muscles to the point where minerals, 0.5 mg Pramipexole TID, with fudging to QID will work to stop this squirming nightmare

Thaz All Folks, Elucidate me pease

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