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I have Lidocaine Patches I'm able to purchase at a Senior/Disabled Discount. The discount has expired, now they're $77 a box. i've been told that they can be sold for much more, so this tip may be of limited value. Insurance will pay for Lidocaine Gel, but usually not the Patches.

When I begin feeling the urge to move my legs I usually feel it behind my opposition to the muscles that will be doing the Flamenco. I put s Lidocaine Patch behind my knees, held in place by a loosely wrapped Ace Bandage. Coban or a gauze wrap held in place by tape, would work, since it's in a bending area, prepare the skin with Sure Prep, so the tape will stay 'stuck.'

I'm using a Patch right now. It's been in place for 6 hours, during which I've moved the leg quite a bit. It's still working. My Medicaid based insurance won't pay for 0.5 mg Pramipexole any more often then TID. As I've written before my RLS is powerful and very violent, seated Field Goal kicking. Four Times/Day happens frequently, I'm out of Pramipexole for a few days, Lidocaine and Multimineral tablets 2-3x daily, for Magnesium and Iron, plus the Patches are all I have. A Complete Blood workup showed my Iron, Vitamin D, and electrolytes are low. I'm irregular about taking medications and supplements. I take full irresponsibility for the results of my casual approach. I'm old enough to know better, but don't like being told what to do, even by myself

I am negotiating with my doctor about Morphine. I'm very flexible...Either my way, or no way. .....I know....I Know.... MakeQ an non monetary inter Forum wager, I'll win, If I don't I'll admit it and write about Plan B. The Neanderthallic military approach is popular in Hamerica. I apologize to any Neanderthals I may have indirectly offended

I hope this Lidocaine Patches, and probably Gel, too, helps Y'all.

Ummm, where to Now?

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  • I'm using Lidocaine jelly at this moment, for the discomfort of pre movement, the ache that I feel in muscles around my knee before RLS begins. Two hours past: It works and is considerably cheaper than the patches. I hope this helps someone

  • Thanks very much for sharing this and I am soooo pleased for you

  • Pippins2 You are soooo welcome. I'm about to go to bed, glass of rum in hand, and rub Lidocaine jelly on my knees, and legs carefully washing my hand after. Lidocaine patches or gel has been a great discovery. I hope many others enjoy this discovery. Sleep is so nice. I'm hoping that one of these days, with Morphine and Lidocaine, I may actually sleep 6-8 hours. Unheard of......

  • I looked it up and it seems it can be bought without prescription in UK but it is not as strong as prescription strength.I am going to get some to try ,after last night I will try anything

  • The patches need to be held in place with a gauze wrap, ace bandage, loosely wrapped, or coban, a single layer.

    A nifty discovery. I'm wearing a patch now, works so well. I've started sleeping. Its very nice. I have years n ' years to catch up, though physiologically four-five days is all you get to make it up, then go to bed regularly and just rest, you will fall asleep eventually, even if you're dancing

  • The Lidocaine sounds promising. I had to go and look it up to see what it is and what its used for. Its mostly used for nerve pain after having shingles. I hope it continues for you. Keep us informed.

  • It works, believe me. I've started sleeping. Most Cool

  • BBGuess, do the patches come in different strengths. what is the mg. ? Thanks

  • Mine are prescription, 5 mg. I looked on Amazon and saw plenty of lidocaine patches, obviously non prescription. I have a large supply of the prescription patches. A box of 30 is $77. Packages that size aren't available online. I haven't found the Gel to be effective. I hold the patches in place on my thigh with gauze wrap. I have a lot of medical supplies in Sterilite Drawers. Prescription Morphine I think is the only effective long term solution; paid for by insurance and works from the inside out

  • Thanks for the info. I wont be buying online. As you are saying using morphine is probably the best way to go. Are the patches not doing as well for you...? Or they are still doing the job.

  • The Patches work well, when I can get them put on, that is. I can only use my right hand. I need to have someone put them on for me. The patches are about as easy to handle as a sheet of wet Kleenex in a breeze. I'm putting the gel on with one hand rubbed on topically Lidocaine isn't that effective. There definitely is something more effective about the prescription patches.

    I'm going to try putting on some patches now It tkes 3-4 tp stop my thigh from spasming. Let's see how one works for now. had a double craniotomy in '77, losing use of my left hand as if I'd had a stroke. I was right hand dominant, luckily, I've slowly figured out ways to compensate for losing the use of both hands. I haven't tried enough with the Patches. It's really not that difficult. The patch is working already. Your message got me to try. Thank You

  • Morphine taken orally is a waste of time, in my opinion. Good luck, though, hope it works better for you.

  • How about intratechally? I'm seeing my doc in a week. She wants to use oral. Oral Morphine worked for me 5 years ago. You say oral's ineffective, you must mean the pump is better, or is time we all tried The Real Stuff, Opium!? Hmmm, Recreational Opium. Could have bought boluses of opium in the 19th century at any apothecary

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