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Geting fatty

7 weeks now 57 years old smoking since i was 13 years old 30 a day just stoped. Have a few bad moments but nothing i cant cope with, have tried befor always give up after 1 or 2 days. The time was right for me i just stoped no aids just stoped .

But gosh I cant stop eating I have gained over 20ibs nothing fits hehehe i can eat all day all night will this pass heheheh

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Very well done on the 7 weeks

Try taking up a hobby that keeps your hands and mind busy - if they are busy elsewhere you can"t get the to your mouth!

Good theory.....

Good luck x


Well done. :-) 7 weeks cold trukey, I take my hat off too you. Try going for a walk or gardening if possible

Sue xx


Aup Phill, its great to see you on here pal :) and a big well done to you for getting to 7 weeks quit :)

I too am 57 and I started smoking at the age of 13 :o funny cos I think quit a few of us started at around that age !!!!

Yep I think we all put weight on during our quit :o but saying that, just wondered if you do any exercises ?? I've got a rowing machine that helps keep some of the weight off :) speak soon.

Pete :)


7 weeks is brilliant. well done. try eating fruit and nuts have bowls around the house so you can nibble. keeping your hands busy too. Come on to this site and have a moan and groan, somebody is sure to make you laugh. Keep at it. your doing great.



Phil, JohnUK is a lovely man but a word of warning....he LOVES cake!!!

Many members post pictures of cake to him so, if you want to enjoy calorie free cakes just look at the pictures sent to John. :D :D :D


hehheheheeh now that made me laugh so much , hey thanks for your support enjoy your day



I want to thank you all for your comments some made me laugh wich is allways good and some made me look at my eating habits .

Thank you all so much for your support



Any time Phil. You just keep coming back we are always here:-)


Quitting smoking is hard enough.

Don't worry about you weight.

You've got too much on your plate to worry about that.

Ha ha.


Hey Phil,

you are doing fab! You are now into your 8th week of stopping smoking and that's brilliant :-)

There is also some information that you might find useful on the following link;


Keep up the smiles and we'll help you to continue on your positive journey of stopping smoking :-)


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