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Just when you thought it was safe - I'm back!!!!!!!!!!! but hang on, it's 11.45 am and no one has started the daily chat so does this mean that now I have come back you've all left?

Apologies to all - I'll go again - better that way.

Have a super smoke and stress free day everyone.

Together you are doing it and every day is a major plus point for your side and a minus for that old man nic!

Take care everyone



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Hi Buttons, it's good to see you back :) i love your picture today :)

I'm late up, i've got the lurgy now, my throat feels like there's razors in it, so I'm going to look for films to watch today.

I hope everyone has a great smoke free weekend :) xx


Happy Saturday everyone :D

Thanks for opening up shop Buttons :D Is that a photie from your dog walk this morning? I can't believe how early you are up, out and about :-)

I hope you've not caught that off your evening antics with Pete Sue :-/ A few sips of water or some cordial throughout the day will help. I've just made a fresh cuppa, you can have a Lemsip :-)

Remember to stay positive everyone and that it's you that puts you in control...



Bunnyrabbit, I bet you were well chuffed this morning when you remembered that you didn't smoke last night :D Well done to you :-)


Morning all.

Great to have you back Buttons :-) Fab photie

Sue52. Sorry you feel under the weather. Hopefully it will soon pass and you will begin to feel better. x

Thanks Emjay. Woo Hoo!!! I passed the pub test. So pleased. Even better my best friend has quit and 2 other friends are quitting today. I wish them the best of everything.:-)

Day 5. Walked the dog, done the shopping, aleady got some jam on the stove (I was a chef for over 25 years) washing in machine and am now going to do my most favourite thing....A cuppa tea, time team on telly and do some cross stitch...heaven. Gardening planned for later.

Have a wonderful stong sunny day. We are all winners every day we kick nic to the curb

Kisses xxxxx


Good afternoon girls, lovely to see you all. Sue I am sending some spears to chase away that sore throat.

Lovely to see you back buttons, and opening the daily chat.

Emjay sorry missed your cuppa will join you later.

Been out already on my supermarket exercise. Only cost hubby £17. this time and a lot of the things we bought were for him. All I bought was a jar of mayonnaise and a packet of kiddies sweets milk bottles.

Might just attempt going in the garden this afternoon, need to pull up some weeds etc.

Catch up later. xxxxx :)


Hi everyone

Oh thank goodness! You've all come back - that's such a relief at least some of the day I won't be talking to myself!

Really sorry that you're feeling not very good Sue but hopefully if you dose yourself with what's been sent, it should help to make you feel a bit better.

Hi Emjay - I love your confidence but hows about making it 100% and saying WE ARE DOING THIS - I definitely think it sounds more positive and upbeat. Sorry I missed the cuppa but will try to cadge one later if that's OK?

Bunnyrabbit - well personally like I think you ought to change your name to busybee! I thought I managed to squeeze a lot opening before opening this morning but you beat me hands down! Way to go - no time or room for nic to come in!

Hi Jilly girl You let him off very lightly today - only £17 that is really very good. Usually when I take my other half shopping I end up spending double what is normal because he keeps filling the trolley up even though I try to empty it! If you're going in the garden make sure then sun's on the bit you do as it is still quite cold when out of the sun. If you get finished you can come and have a go at mine as we're car washing today as there's a show tomorrow (near Leeds) and decided this am to go as it's supposed to be nice and a bit warmer than now and you never know, if its ought like last year this could be summer.

Right, got my polishing cloths ready - on with right - off with left. Mental but still not smoking although I did have one last night but only in my dream I hasten to add - woke up convinced that I had actually smoked a cig but hadn't but it felt so real - anybody else had that sort of dream that seems so vivid you can't believe it's not true? Don't know if I felt sick or anything only remember the smoking but I couldn't tell you if I had a whole or just part of one! Really weird!. Thank goodness it was a dream - day 27 and I would absolutely detest going back to day 1. If I'm honest don't think I could start again and that is helping me sometimes to stop on the straight and narrow!

Have a nice rest of the day everyone.


Take care - stress and smoke free!



Thank you Jillygirl :) I love your choice of book :D :D :D, enjoy your gardening later :) xx


Hi everyone, I hope your all getting and enjoying the sunshine :) just what all you gardeners need,

I didn't think i might have got the lurgy from Pete Emjay :o :D :D :D I'm not feeling too bad now, probably cause i'm doped up on lemsip :D :D

Your all being busy bees today, I'm just watching Frost on the telly :)

A big well done passing the pub test bunnyrabbit :) it's great your friends are stopping too :)

Think you all deserve a treat with our cuppa as you've been working so hard :)


In case anyone doesn't have a sweet tooth :)



Hi Sue, thank you. sausage rolls are scrummy.

I didn't last long in the garden as I cant get my breath when I crouch down, So I only did a bit. So I thought I would go on the wii machine to exercise. I played 10 pin bowling and tennis, thinking it would exercise my shoulder etc where I had my op.

It did work however I think I overdid it as I am cream crackered now. :D :D

Have you seen Pete anywhere or is he poorly?

back soon. :)


Hi Jillygirl,

Think i might have to exercise when i'm allowed to, I'll just go up to my daughters and use her wii, save me buying one :D :D :D

You'll soon be fit again and back skipping with your granddaughter :D :)

I haven't see Pete, hope he's okay, hope i didn't give him the lurgy back :D :)


Hi Sue52

Just popped in from the garden for a quick cuppa. Thanks for the cupcake yummy!! :-)

Glad to hear you are feeling a little better.

Off to play with my 2 bunnies now. xx


Hey John it looks really good. I must try that. I think you would be good on masterchef,. You would beat them hands down.

Its lovely to have a bit of sunshine especially for Vida and Amor.


oh you ought to video her doing that. (you've been framed.)


Uhh! Calling Monky Calling Pete Calling Monky All the ladies and me are worried about you! Where the devil are you - please come in your time is definitely up! Please Pete we need to know that you are OK and that you have got infected with man flu! Even if it's only a grunt or two just let us know that you are OK.

Missing you and getting a different type of withdrawal symptom as a result. The day just isn't right without you!!



Grunt grunt :o


So glad you are OK Pete - don't know what I'd do without you and the rest of the gang. Look after yourself and get a good nights kip and hope that tomorrow is a better day for you.

Wishing you all you hope for yourself.

Sweet dreams and everythink!



hI all just heard from Pete he is ok just a bad day. At least he is ok.

I am signing off now, so nite nite all see you tomorrow. :) :) :)


Ooooh Jillygirl, so so flippin sorry gal :( :( its just bin one of them days :P :P hey even us old blokes get a bad day, now and again :o

Nite nite Jillygirl, take care now, love you xxxxx :) :)


nite nite Jillygirl, sweet dreams :)

I'm off as well folks, i'm not feeling to good so having an early night, see you tomorrow, , hopefully, nite nite all, sweet dreams :) xx


Nite nite Sue, so sorry your not feeling well :(

You get tucked under that duvet of your's and keep warm and cosy, and get a goooooood nights sleep gal, cos thats what am going to do :) :)

luvs ya Sue xxxx :)


Hi Jilly Thank you will rest easy now! Have a good nights sleep - hey ho off to a car show (actually its a meet but that don't fit in with what I'm saying) so may be absent for a while tomorrow but will be on later. (Oh no I hear you say - just when you thought it was safe!)

Sweet dreams everyone - earlyish start so will be taking dogs at usual time so will take camera just in case.

Take care - remember, TOGETHER WE ARE DOING THIS!!



:D :D :D :D


Nighty night Sue You just beat me to posting! Hope you have a really good night and feel absolutely tons better in the am.

Do take care.



Oy Butts, its so nice to see you back again gal :) :) flippin missed you tooooo :o

Erm what sort of car show is it your going to ??????


Hi Pete

Actually it's not a show tomorrow but a meet - Ford meet - expecting about 750+ Ford cars plus ours of course. Show season doesn't really start until mid-April'ish.

Why, are you coming?



May I ask what Ford car you have ??


Yes of course you may


:D :D :D :D

Yep, I deserved that one gal :P :P :D :D

Nice car Butts, I can remember them, but never had one myself :(


Good night Buttons and all you lovely people :) I hope you all get a good nights sleep, and charge your batteries up for tomorrow, to beat nic :) :) :)

Luvs ya all xxxxxxx :) :)


Night everyone - sleep tight and sweet dreams.

Catch up with you sometime tomorrow.

Take care



Night Night sleep tight, don't let the nic bug bite

Sweet dreams



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