Hello to the UK from the U.S. new quitter

Hello friends!!!  

So I quit a week ago, 30 years old, smoked a pack of Marlboro Reds daily since 18....

I quit because of a panic attack I had and haven't looked back, I been drinking nothing but water, today was my first hard day, felt short of breathe, sucks but I lay down and breathe thru my nose and out thru my nose slowly, calms me down and I fall asleep, but awake it starts up again.  Smoking sucks for real lol.  I won't go back but will this shortness of breathe get better?  My sister quit and she's 36 she said it would get ALOT better, just seeing if this is normal.  

Thanks, quit one week from today March 28th 2016!!!!

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  • Hi armyguy and welcome to quit support.

    Well done on your week quit 😀😀

    It does sound  a very normal part of your body recovering, but if you are concerned, go see your GP for peace of mind 😀😀

    Have a read of the pinned posts on the right as there is a wealth of info on what to expect as your body recovers from all the Nasty chemicals in cigarettes.

    All the very best of luck on your quit journey and you are very welcome to our quit family 🍀🍀👍👍

  • Thank you!!!  I find reading these helpful on forgetting just for a few moments the issue I'm having with SOB, I wish I would have never started back up when I was out of Basic training for the military, being deployed gets you smoking again but I didn't remember this shortness of breathe lol.

    Sorry for the repost, just feels good to have someone to talk to about this stuff. 

  • Hi army guy and welcome to our quit family😊

    Your 1st week behind you already, terrific👍🏼

    Quite a few of our lovely members have suffered with SOB, can be a common side effect unfortunately. There are some very helpful posts about this and also breathing techniques as well. it helps to know you're not alone and sharing your quit journey can really make a big difference. 

    Your sister is right, it will get better✅  Take one day at a time and we say NOPE not one puff ever🚭🚭

    Unfortunately we can't change the past but we can make our future much healthier and you are doing this now, so well done😊

    You really have given yourself the best gift and taken back control of your life. If ya need anything just shout as we're here to help you on your quit journey. Good luck🍀

  • Hiya army guy, welcome and well done you on a week quit 😊 Great day to quit (my mums birthday)

    Well as the lovely glolin has said, read through the pinned posts and please feel free to come on here and moan, rant, ask questions or just join in any post that takes your fancy😊

    SOB is quite common and hits some people at various stages of the quit.... Could be hyperventilating or over breathing. It doesn't matter how long or how many we smoke, each quit is different.

    Start saving your cig money and treat yourself as your quit progresses..... It will give you something to look forward to.....as well as improved health (although you may not feel like that at the moment) 😊

    On here we say NOPE...... Not One Puff Ever ..... Good luck with your quit 🍀🍀🍀🍀🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭

  • You all are awesome friends!!!!  Thank you, sometimes just feels good to talk about the issues of quitting.  My dad passed from lung cancer at 54 and I promised him I would quit.

    I Just know it's hard and I would like it to be easier, but this is the hand we are dealt.  One foot in front of the other is my motto, you don't go one mile in one step.

    I also have PTSD with Panic Disorder setting in so this could be it too, I'm in CBT for that.  Maybe I'm thinking too much in to it spiking my anxiety.  But I will not take one puff, nope not one at all ever again!!!

    Thank you for being people I can talk to.

  • I also have PTSD and I do think my SOB is anxiety led😟 I do think sometimes we over think stuff..... We seem to be over thinking breathing when in fact our body knows how to do it but our head thinks it knows better 😱😊😊

  • Funny how that works Lol.  It is frustrating, trump running for president doesn't help my anxiety at all lol.

    I Say that because it's on the news now.  

    Hate that guy

    But yea I did CTP therapy for PTSD on no meds did wonders, I dont want to be on meds at all, I want to sort this out my self, it's painful and scary but I feel like i have to.  Last week I had a panic attack and I just got outta bed 2 days ago, was exhausted after it, May have to give in and take paxil, kinda dreading it.  

    One foot in front of the other.  

  • Oh I love this one Droopy--So so true I believe--The head is a problem sometimes with this eh? xxx MmeT

  • I am praying for you.  I suffer from a chemical imbalance in my brain and have been labeled clinically depressed since I was 10.  And the doc's keep adding new things, one of them being panic disorder.  At times the thought of leaving my home terrifies me.  I am finding with this quit, with the support of my family and my church I am able to get through each day.

    Praying and readying my daily devotionals have helped me tremendously, perhaps will also help you :)

    "He reached down from heaven and rescued me." PSALM 18:16

    You say "I can't Manage"

    God says "I will supply all your needs" Philippians 4:19

    I try to remember each day, just how much GOD loves me, and all he sacrificed for me, and I am comforted :)

  • hey dude, congrats on your quit, i'm going cold turkey myself and it has been hell, but rest assured what your going through is perfectly normal, and yes it does get better, soon you'll be well on your way down this Journey of being smoke free and we'll all be right behind you to give you whatever you need, whether it be a pat on the back or a kick in the pants, it's yours buddy *high five*

  • Thank you!!!

  • Hi armyguy . Welcome and well done on quitting. Yes it is normal and it will get better. Stay close to this site and read some of the pinned post to your right. Always someone to chat and support you here. Stay strong, you can do it :) 

  • Hey Army Guy, welcome to Quit Support :) keep strong and keep Quit Support close by, and it will get easier, i promise :) 

  • Thank you Jessrudd12!!!!

  • Hi American_army_guy and welcome to our quit support community :) and a big well done to you for reaching a week quit :) and as you can see, you're now the proud owner of a 1 weeks Winner badge :) :) 

    If you could please let me know your actual quit date, then I can keep your Winners badge upto date :) 

    I see you've had lots of great advice from some of our lovely members :) :) and all I can say is stay strong and stick to your guns and remember ''NOPE''  Not One Puff Ever :) and you wont go wrong.

    Good luck Army guy and hope to speak soon :) 

    Pete :) 

  • Thanks everyone!!!  My quit date was March 28th.  I appreciate the advice and warm welcomes.  

  • YAY!!! We both quit March 28!!  you are a 10 day winner like me!!! :)

  • Pete you are a lovely person--I just want to tell you that--we don't always say the nice things we feel towards one another--although we are pretty good about it on here--so have a wonderful day --ok? your friend,MmeT

  • I think you are a really brave guy for coming on here. My husband is ex army (marine) and always smoked like a trooper when he was deployed and then stopped when he came home again. He finds it difficult to talk about his feelings and tends to bottle things up which increases his cigarette intake. If you need to take medication for your anxiety then do it there is no shame. After all you have done for your country you deserve to do something marvellous for just yourself. Stay strong and very good luck. The people on this site are amazingly supportive and have helped me so much and will be a source of strength to you to. 

  • wonderful advice 4cats 

  • Thanks, it's not easy and I dont think anyone should have to go thru this.  I feel bad that we went to war, I never was for it back in 03, and I'm not now, but I'm also not going to let my friends go fight it alone.  

    Your husband will find the strength to when hes ready.  Just support him, I'm alone with no children (not because I dont want them because i do) but because I was gone so much and busy I never paused long enough to have that

      I have hope tho, one day I will hopefully.  Thank you everyone, you all are truly nice, today was better than yesterday for sure.  May lay down early tonight.

  • Stay close to site--armyguy--you are already seeing it takes a village--and we are it--Blessings and a better day today-MmeT

  • Very normal for some quitters--and I am one of them--There are quite a few posts on here about it so read them and you will find you are not alone--I breathe like you do--but if I over exert and have to mouth breathe I panic--not as bad as I did--but I totally understand--I feel I cant get enuff air thru my mouth--its so crazy--I breathe thru my nose--I guess I never realized I breathed when I was smoking--just sucked that crap into my lungs and forgot about it--so it was like OMG what the hell is this--Am I doing it right--Panic-panic--am I ok? you kno the whole drum roll  into  freakin out--I have had varied symptoms--but this has been the one I really have had to learn the most about and work on--its been about 3 weeks or more (I don't really know- seems like forever) and im getting the drift of how to work with it--so hang in there--your gonna be ok--Don't let the nicotine demons scare you--Just say Boo back and go on about your business and relax--inhale/exhale nice and slow--MmeT

  • Thanks, I think you are right.  I am having a much better night.  (knock on wood)  I think all this new air is also the problem lol.  Lungs are in healing and it's like whoa over load .  

  • yup--I think that's it--which is really a good thing--it just feels uncomfortable at the moment-This to shall pass--xx MmeT

  • you are in America? I just realized that reading your screen name---Im here too--welcome---I love everything about UK inhabitants- Lovely people with big hearts --Blessed to be here......xx MmeT

  • WOW! I am also in the US, am 30 years old, and started smoking when I was 18!  Today I am quit for 10 days!  I can't comment on shortness of breath after smoking, oddly I've not coughed once since I quit nor have any shortness of breath, although I did when I smoked.

    Each day will get easier, and keep up drinking that water to rid your body of the toxins!

  • Good Morning Carissa--Hoping you have a nice smoke free day--Hugs,MmeT

  • Thank you! I hope you did as well :)

  • small world lol, panic attack tipped me over to quitting

  • know what u mean

  • Bad morning this morning feel S.O.B. it sucks horribly.  Trying to stay calm but it's not workin, thinking different thoughts, going to lay down on my stomach and try and calm down.  

  • Good morning--Hope you slept well and are feeling positive about quitting and life in general--Your Friend,MmeT

  • Thanks, my faivrote time of day 😀

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