Good morning . How is everyone this misty morning?

Nice to see new members joining us. Also nice comments

from Friezfriend. Thanks to Emjay and team. :)

Well my day is tidying up, and making the flat look reasonably decent for the weekend.

My big brother is coming up from Essex , So its a case of him seeing the before look.

And the after look at christmas. Between you and me I think he only comes up for the Yorkshire fish and chips. :D :D

Have a lovely day see you later on. :)


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  • Very good morning Jilly and everybody

    Let the hours turn into days and days into weeks - I am getting back to how I should have always been !!

    I went the wrong way when I started smoking (all those years ago!!) and now I am correcting that mistake and going the right way..... and we are all in this together.

    Good luck with the Cravings and as Emjay says "Let them in the front door and then out the back door".

    Be POSITIVE and have a great day.



  • Hi BeeL

    Looks like you have started DAY 2 - WELL DONE !!

    Day 2 is a bit of a bitch - so be ready for the Cravings, sit with them and then let them go.

    Do take it easy though and avoid any stressful situations.

    It does get better & better so stick with it and be POSITIVE you are doing something really great for yourself.

    Best wishes



  • Yes on day 2 YAY! Cravings super strong but sun is shining, keeping occupied and drinking gallons of peppermint tea. Healthy salad and a walk around the park at lunchtime for me. Hope you are all well and have a great day : )

  • Go Bee! You can do it! ;-) :)

  • Hurrah! :)

  • Hi all. Well, I'm afraid I 'fell off the wagon' big time while I was on holiday earlier this year and felt too ashamed to come back. I'm still smoking but working my way up to another quit attempt. I can't decide whether to try the stoptober challenge or whether choosing that day will be too much pressure for me and I might be better off just picking a day for myself - so I'm not 'tied' to other people's attempts. Anyway I thought I'd just put my head around the door and say I hope you're all OK and I will be back once I sort myself out x

  • Hey Finley don't worry about falling off the wagon, it happens to us all. Hope you had a good holiday and stop beating yourself up and being so hard on yourself. Stopping smoking is one of the hardest things ever and those of us that have smoked know it. Never quit giving up smoking though because it can be done as so many people have shown me. You will try again when you feel ready to face it. We'll be here to support you when you do x

  • Thanks Beel x

  • Hi Bee

    EXCELLENT on DAY 2 now - thought so.

    You just wait for those "super strong" cravings to pass because they will - healthy salad and a walk sounds like a great idea. I also did it the way you are doing it i.e. no NRT because I didn't find them anything like the real thing,

    all or nothing I guess !!

    Keep going & stay POSITIVE,




  • Such early days but I'm hoping I won't turn into nicotine withdrawal b*tch from hell and maul my colleagues. So far I am not jumping down anyone's throat, yep I get my little moments but I'm deep breathing through them. Is it true that week one is hell and then it starts getting better? You guys who have given up longer than me so you will know.

    Also how long did you guys wait to go to a pub with friends after your stopped smoking? I've been asked to go on Friday and wondered whether that's too soon and if I should stay away until I've given up for longer?

    BTW Pret A Manger's Carrot Juice is awesome to help with cravings and only 60 calories WHOO HOO!

  • Hiya Beel, well for me week one was really evil and I repeat evil, weeks 2 and 3 were not a walk in the park either, I seem to have better and then worse days, but saying that there have been a couple of major triggers i.e. family issues when I've had to throw everything at it to keep going. Yesterday was tricky because of this but much better today. I'm sure it varies so much from person to person, you do sound really positive though whereas I, approached it a bit like the angel of doom so I'm sure a better mental attitude can keep you going. Your'e getting through the first few days which are the hardest and without NRT I take my hat off to you. :)

  • Hola! Thanks for your comment. Hope your family issues have been resolved and life getting back to normal? Super tough when these things happen and test your willpower even more, so well done you for not giving in and for sticking at it. You should be proud of yourself.

    I'm trying to keep positive as Alan Carr says its the best thing. Sometimes its incredibly hard but fact is I hated being a smoker and all the things that came with it. I hated feeling out of breath at the age of 33, spending money on something that is ultimately going to give me cancer and ruin my chances of having a baby and being out of pocket and smelling awful to boot. I try and keep reminding myself of these things because in reality I'm glad I quit even if sometimes that monster is still yelling at me to feed it.

    Fingers crossed I can remain positive! I have everything to gain and nothing to lose so still feeling determined

    Have a lovely evening


  • Hi Finley

    Great you are thinking about the next quit and put the last relapse down to experience, anytime away from the cigs will help because you will know what you are up against next time. ( I sound like Emjay or Jilly now !!!).

    Once you have decided then GO FOR IT - it is miles better being a NON smoker and not worrying all the time about when to have the next cig & going off to the shops etc etc AND you will feel miles better.

    Best wishes


    P.S. I need to do some work now !!!

  • Thanks Quit. I know it just makes sense to get on and do it. When I quit before I loved the freedom from worrying about the next cig, not having to trudge out to the shops when I really didn't feel like it - and I saved an absolute fortune (put it all away in a jar, every single day and saved hundreds - it paid for my holiday and all of my spending money!). So....I will do it again and am going to spend some time this afternoon planning my quit (whether to NRT or not to NRT, putting some other stuff in place for when I'm craving etc). Will be back.....xx

  • Hi Finley, Lovely to hear from you again. As for the slip up who cares, just start again you know you can do it . Dress re -hearsal over now its the main show. Mr Nic watch out your on your way out. :)

    Catch up later, please keep in touch , missed ya. :)

  • Thanks Jilly x

  • Hey Finley, nice to see you back. :)

    Ho hum, never mind, you can jump back on again. Maybe just tell us and no-one else about your quit this time. It might take the pressure off with your nearest and dearest. Sounds like you've got lots of reasons to be quitting again and, of course, there's always the health aspect too. ;-) I think the trick is not to have that first puff, even though you might want one - just say no. Jonathan's got the right idea with Jilly's NOPE - Not One Puff Ever.

    Good luck and look forward to seeing you again soon, Andi. :)

  • Hi Finley,

    welcome back. You sound like you have a plan of action and that always makes a positive difference. You know you can do it and how nice it feels to be free of the nicotine devil so you have everything to play for.

    Let us know if Emjay and I can be of any help.


  • We all have another day of non smoking behind us and we're all champion :) Finley, I've honestly lost track of my dress,rehearsals but what matters is that you're still trying.Just one day at a time is all it takes.Bee, I sssssooooo admire you for doing this without NET, you rock girl so keep it up, he'll week is just that, he'll, it will get better.My love and respect to you all. H x :)

  • Hear Hear H, nicely said gal, cos I was just about to say that to Finley myself :o :)

  • Hear hear!

  • That should read NRT my Kindle thinks it knows EVERYTHING, it doesn't't !!!

  • Good evening everybody :) :) late shift is here :o :D

    A big welcome to all you new & old people on this site :) whooooooooops, Finley, I didnt mean you are old, I meant ermmmm your not new to the site :) hmmmmmm think I'de best get out of here eh :o

  • Hi Pete, How was your day? I have just got in after going out for a carvery meal. I was good, erm goodish as i only had small portions. But alas I had a sweet to finish with. Now I feel guilty. :P

  • Aup Jillygirl :)

    Sooo you had a lovely meal then, I should expect you ate alllllllllllllllllllll your greens up first, before you had your sweet !! :o

  • Of course i did. I aren`t that naughty. (dont say anything) :D :D :D

  • Hmmmmmmmm ;) :|

  • Hey Finley :)

    The only advice I can give you gal, is to try again ''WHEN YOUR READY'' :) :) and not when someboby tells you to !!

    Sit yourself down and have a little chat to yourself :)

    Why do like smoking ?

    Is it good for you ?

    How much does it cost you ?

    Why do you want to quit ?

    How much healthier would you be ?

    How much money would you save ?

    Which NRT if any ?

    How do I get over a craving ?

    Do I tell anyone ?

    The list is endless

    A few years ago now, I went to work with one of my Brother-in –laws, he was a painter & decorator , and a very good one too :)

    He is no longer with us now :( But he taught me how to decorate :) and he always told me, that preparation is the key to success.

    Like cleaning and rubbing down the paintwork, filling any holes, plastering the walls to make sure they are nice and smooth for paper hanging.

    Preparation, foundation and knowledge are the key factors to success :) :)

    Take care now, Pete :)

  • Has hubby plastered them tiles on yet Jillygirl ??

  • Havent even bought them yet. :( got to replace some flooring first. Looks like the old toilet cistern had been dripping for years. apparently it hadnt been fitted right, even the overflow pipe wasnt connected. So tomorrow is flooring day. :O Have you finished all your decorating now. :)

  • Ermmmmmm nearly :o ave got new lights, light switches and plug sockets to fit, then, there's the flippin 15 glass panelled doors to do :P :( but have decided to take them off the hinges and do them in my garage at the weekend !!

  • Oh eck! just going to make a cuppa before bedtime , kettles leaking now, and its an electric one. i think this flat is a leaky flat one way and another. :)


  • Off to bed now had enough for today. night night all, sweet dreams. loves ya! xxxxxx

  • Nite nite Jillygirl and all, I hope you all get a lovely nights kip, with plenty of zzzzzzzzzzzzzz in it :) xxxxx

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