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im doing ok much to my surprise

my quit day was the 26th march the day after my 46th birthday.it just felt it was the right time..

i have had a few rough weeks with a virus which helped as i felt to ill to smoke ha . chest infection , and my face errupted in spots . i have been following other quitters blogs and it does really help to know you are not on your own so a big thanks to you all out there .

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Congratulations Joejo :-)

Sorry to hear you've been poorly but hope you are feeling better now.

Have a great smokefree evening

Sue xx


Well done joejo, almost 1 month of being a non-smoker. Keep positive it will soon be 1 year. :)



Aup Jo, glad to see your still with us :) :)

I cant fault you one little bit for getting a virus to help you to quit :o :D :D :D eh the things we do to help us quit smoking :D :D

I'm so happy that you are still smoke free, and for very very nearly 5 WEEKS quit, thats just stuwpendouslysupertoniclyfantastic :D :D :D


4 weeks tonight Joejo, how proud are you?! :) Well done and welcome. Keep coming here and you'll keep on keeping on. Hope your chest is better now and the spots have cleared up too. :)


Hi and warm welcome from me as well. Just had to reply as we share the same birthday but regret not the same age - I was 58 but wish I was 46 actually no, make that 16! Congrats and very well done on your 4 weeks and keep on doing whatever it is you're doing as seems to be working!


Whoooooooops, erm thakyou Andi, and Kath :)

Jo I'm afraid it's 4 weeks quit, erm I think I've lost mi 1 brain cell in a cannie a lager :o ;) sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy

Pete :)


Definitely not in the can that you had with me about 40 minutes ago - there was no additives inint - honest injun! Told you to have more water with it!



not a member but also 7 weeks for me but gosh i cant stop eating , keep going my man well done Phil


i know what you mean about the increased appetite, i have put weight on due to picking mostly sweet things. I have told myself its a treat to me for not smoking and im going to enjoy it for 4 weeks and not feel guilty or down about it . Alas the 4 weeks are now up so im joining a slimmimng club tonight . I will get healthy lol .


Well done you (not on the virus of course, but hey! If it helped.... Lol)

Keep up the good work, and soon you will be celebrating being 47 and a year smoke free :0) x


Well done joejo, its hard at times but we will all get there in the end


well its a big night for me tonight . I have enjoyed picking at sweeties and not so healthy food for the last 4 weeks as a treat for not smoking and also to not stress to much for putting weight on. But i now feel its time to get a grip on things so i am joining a slimming club tonight .

I get healthy LOL .


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