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Too much in my head!!!


Hi everybody went cold turkey on January 10th yes it been almost a month now, but when i decided to go cold turkey i had bunion and hammer toe surgery , was out of work starting middle of November was a manager of thrift store that I loved, sales was worrying me before i stop working, anyway was transferred to another store 15 miles away from home with lots of road construction went few days and had foot surgery, now on the 1st of February was cleared to return to work, but I decided to resign because of poor management decisions, pressure from family, I am 60 years old husband retired he's 63 and financially we can make ends meet but the extra thing have to be deleted, it's been hard trying not to smoke, trying how to figure out what is my next step in life wants to feel worthy of doing something with a salary, so today I am feeling overwhelmed to the point that I could smoke, so I stop cleaning the house and just sit down here to put my thoughts out there, it is my desire that nope will help me through this, i realize that i don't want to throw away this progress, I think expressing all the external things that affects our lives can relieve the craving, I will not smoke today!!! I will take one hour at a time, and before I know it this too shall pass. Thanks for all the support we all need somebody to lean on and i am thankful for you all, have a great day, I will strive to have one too.

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Resigning from your stressful job and no smoking goes hand in hand and you will be fine, it's hard but you will get there. I ran many busy stores for a lot of years for Mcds and got redundant and earning silly money, very stressful job though!! When ever I tried stopping it never lasted more than a couple of days. Once I was nolonger in that environment I stopped cold Turky and it's been over a year.. One hr and one day at a time. Enyou your new stage of life and do what u want to do😀😀

droopyJMarvellousness LTW

Hi itnotme flipping eck you've been through the wringer lately..... So you have done so well in your quit and now at 3 weeks so well done you 😀

Maybe now that you have stopped smoking, that will help you financially as well as helping your health 😀😀😀

You keep up that great quit Hun 😀😀😀


Thankyou for sharing your thoughts and yes I think it really does help to put it all down. You have done amazing and under all those circumstances as well, so huge credit to you. Perhaps it's now time to do something that makes you happy, whatever that may be, good luck🍀

dunn15 Month Winner

All the best , I"m struggling with very difficult worldly circumstances, too (that have nothing at all to do with having stopped smoking).. but WE know that having a smoke will be of no help whatsoever(!!!) and only the most fleeting & temporary FALSE sense of relief. Hanging in there a day at a time --- All the best to you and yours!

Hi itnotme. What ever else is going on stopping smoking is the right thing to do. Ur nearly a month done now no going back. It gets easier after the first month take care 😀


I'm coming up to a month too. It's good you logged on here, that sense of over-whelming is a potent trap-the alternative for us today is to share, break it down into bite sized chunks and move forward. For myself, not having the remorse of smoking again, coupled with working through rough times, I feel is changing me internally, aside from the health. Good to see your post, all the best with the change curve your in, iris

itnotme9 MONTH WINNER in reply to iris8

Thanks iris good to see nothing new under the sun and to share your exeriences with the resounding support only make us stronger, thank you for your positive input I appreciate it good luck with your daily encounters also


Hello itnotme,

I hear ya..... I get fed up easily and ol Mr Nic stays close waiting for me to give in to him....... I just remind myself that as I age , I don't want a smoking related illness to drag me down ...... Warm thoughts from Canada xxxx

itnotme9 MONTH WINNER in reply to Hidden

Thanks so much for your support and I to am proud of your success and looks up to your achievements as mines one day at a time.

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