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Finally quit on day 11, what are my lungs doing now?

I am now on my 11th day of no smoking, day 3 and 8&9 were not very much fun but I am managing. I have quit 50000000 times before, but for some reason I am not having such a hard time this time around, although I don't want to jinx myself, I should just say so far so good. I am wondering about the health benefits on my 11th day, how are my lungs and body doing now? Thank you so much for your input...

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Congrats Razzsmith👏🎉🎉🎉 way to go. You're probably ready to quit now so that's why it's easier Maybe you're in a better place than before. At 11 days I was still suffering with exhaustion and headaches etc hahaha. It wasn't easy but I'm still off cigarettes taking one day at a time

I'm not sure how your lungs are suppose to feel. They're probably in the process of getting rid of all that phlegm etc. Some people get energized right away when they quit. Hope you're one of them!!!!!

Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!



Hiya razz and welcome to quit support

Well done on 11 days....that is awesome :) :)

I would download a quit smoking app on your mobile phone as there are some great ones that track the body repairs.

Maybe this time is your time to shine. To be successful, you really have to want to give up, if you only try half halfheartedly then chances are you wont be successful on that attempt..if you give it everything you have and are determined to succeed, you will :) :) If only it was that easy hug :O :O :)

have a read of some of the info under the pinned posts as this will help you :) :)

Keep this site nice and close as there are some amazing people here who have been where you are now and understand the struggles :) :)

All the very best of luck on your quit journey

Can you let me know your actual quit date so we can add you to our wall of winners :) :)


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Thank you so much for your post, I will use this site to my advantage and hope it will help me in my journey as a non-smoker. My official quit date was November 13, 2015, Friday the 13th, I hoped it would be better luck lol


Hopefully this has come out okay razzsmith and may help you as to what has already begun to happen to your body through quitting 😊

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Yes I got it perfect thank you so much, that was exactly what I was looking for :)

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Hiya Razz and welcome to quit support😊

great achievement so well done on 9 days and you'll soon start to feel the benefits of this. This is your time to quit and we're here to help you anyway we can. Good luck🍀x

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