DAY 3, still cold turkey!

Hi everyone, still not smoking. I have however been healthy eating too. I find that a bit frustrating trying to do both. So I'm going to still stick to the healthy eating, but if I need a treat I'm going to have it. Not craving as much today, but woke up a few times last night & have a mild headache. Feel smidge light headed but nothing I can't cope with. I went shopping today, bought plenty of fat free & reduced sugar sweets!!! Hope everyone else is still doing well....oh and hubby is still alive & kicking ;0)

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  • Glad to hear your other half is still around haha. I've become addicted to grapes, I get through a whole punnet to myself in a couple of days. Am sure you will soon start sleeping properly again, I think the brain always gets a bit disturbed if you make drastic changes, probably keeps waking you up to make sure you're still alive as you have obviously forgotten to smoke ;)

  • Hi Jillanovitch, well done on staying smoke free. I too was like sinfree and got through loads of grapes. Then it was melon. Only trouble was stomach wasn't used to the amount I was eating. So cut down a bit. Keep up the good work.


  • HI jillanovitch and jillygirl, keep going with the healthy food, Unfortunatly I seem to have gone tho other way, eating sweets chocolates ect., Have put on a bit of weight but not worrying to much at the moment, will sort that out later, am also eating more fruit than I used to so not all bad! Funnily enough before I gave up fags I never liked sweets or chocolate.

  • Lol thanks girls, but I'm getting married in September and I really need to keep a lid on it, done better today, I use a low fat diet plan, so I'm lucky I can have a few haribo!! May as well be totally cruel to myself and not give in to pigging out too!!! Lol the things we get ourselves into!!! ;0/ thanks for the info girlies xx

  • So Jill, you're going public - is that wise? You can get locked up for committing bigamy you know! :D :D

  • Lmao just read that back myself, double Dutch or what??? Hehe I meant basically sew my jaws shut! I know a lot of people in my family would love that! Hehe

  • :D :D (But sorry, I'm a bit dumb - what's Lmao please? :o ) :)

  • Lmao is laugh my ass off! You aren't dumb!

  • I'll have to try to remember that one - never heard it before! :D :D

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