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Day 2 cold turkey. Grrrrrrrrrr.

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Day 2, moody, I can do this "brain keeps telling me I'm stupid" trying to ignore my brain.

Here is how I started this.

Wife and I have both smoked for many years. 15+ she tells me I have started coughing in my sleep. (I'm nervous because this is new.) we decide July 4th shall be our real independence day. I buy an ecig. Haven't used it. Saving it for my first day back at work. Going to try not to use it at all.

I go to the gym often, I always leave my cigarettes in the car because it would be an embarrassing place to be seen with them (this should tell us something) I drink a ton of water due to my job (outside carpentry). So I think I'm set to quit. I just need some friends to share my problems with. I talk to my wife about everything but since we are both equal parts cranky and evil at the moment we can't rely on each other for 100% support.

My problem is: I'm so clammy and just all around overheating. Anybody suffer from this? Or is this a common side effect that is just overlooked? Its bearable but I worry about work tomorrow. It will be in the high 80's.

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Aup Mangle, its great to meet you pal and a big warm ermmm cooooool welcome to this lovely quit site :)

For one thing, you've made the best ever decision, thats to quit the smokes :) as for your brain, yep, thats the norm, erm, I think we all go a bit mad at first :D :D

You say that your feeling clammy and over heating, am not sure about that one pal :o may I ask where you are ?

Drinking plenty of water and exercising is just great :) it helps me a lot :)

Pete :)

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Hi mangle, welcome to this wonderful site full of helpful people who will assist you. We all know how hard it is to start and you and your wife have made the decision which is terrific, well done :) your symptoms are all part of the recovery that your mind and body have to make and are therefore very normal :) your brain is telling you one thing and your body another, so it makes for a bit of a battle starting off :) hydration will be your best buddy and in your high temperature areal necessity :) quite a few members have quit cold turkey so they will be on to help you as well :) it will get easier and in the meantime hang on and stay focused on your quit :) and drink loads of water :) x

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katelisci1 Month Winner

Hello Mangle! Congratulations on your first couple of days being a non-smoker! I am almost a week free from stopping cold-turkey from mean olé Mr. Nic and I can still feel my body adjusting. Day 2 and 3 were my worst days. I too felt clammy and overheated on days 2 and 3 mostly in the late afternoon which could have been in part to the high humidity I have where I live. However by day 4 I could tell my body and brain were finally getting around to being on the same page ;) Water will be your best friend through this!!! Stay strong and keep focus! Quitting is the BEST decision ever!!!

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Hi Mangle

Welcome. This terrible feeling won't last - remember it's the addiction doing the talking right now. Every day the little monster gets weaker. There will be times it will stamp it's feet like a naughty child or pretend to be your friend that you can't live without. These are the desperate attempts of a dying monster. Good luck and keep on this site as we will get you through this.


Hang in there gets worse. Cold turkey is tough, but if you're stubborn enough & resist for a couple of weeks you'll break the back of the nicotine addiction. If you feel you can't cope without the e cig don't beat yourself up, do whatever is necessary to avoid lighting up. I avoided the NRTs because, to me it seems removing a hair at a time. The strongest withdrawal symptom I remember was a foggy, cotton wool flu like feeling.....& edgy/cranky of course. A week felt like a month. Sorry if I seem to be painting a black picture, I just don't want you unprepared. One thing I can assure you, NOTHING in the process of quitting is unbearable or painful. I wish you well in your quit.

Still cranky. Not as foggy. Time for work, gonna give it my all to stay away from my ecig. I think knowing it is there just in case helps. Gonna drink at least a gallon of water today. Good job to all of us fighting this beast. We can do it.

Of course you can do it,no one on here doubts that for a second,just be prepared for those seconds in time when all you can think about is having a cig.USE your Ecig if you need,you get no brownie points for being a hero and trying to get thru those cravings on your own.Visit the site regularly for a while (I hung around 2/3 Times a,day in my early days) rant,shout and do whatever you have to but keep your quit.Well done on an awesome achievement.

I made it all day without a cig, not a huge feat of strength, But I'm pretty damn proud of myself. My helper at work is a smoker, even worse he smokes my brand. After lunch was hard because we neck down our food in a couple minutes then my usual habit was to chain down 2-3 smokes. Today I broke down and puffed on the e-cig. Not sure if it did anything for me except made me feel guilty. I'd love to throw it away but I think the safety net feeling it gives me is probably a good reason to keep it.

If I can do it anybody can. Stay strong people we don't need that shiz to run our life's.

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katelisci1 Month Winner in reply to mangle

Hey there Mangle! Breaking the habit and routine is one of the hardest things to get through but good for you not puffing down on one of them ciggs ;) Don't feel guilty about the e-cig ... we all need a little help from Mr. Nic. So keep it around and show that helper of yours that quitting is one of the BEST decisions ever!!! Keep that head of yours held high :) Stay Strong!

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droopyJLTW MARVELOUSNESS in reply to mangle

Hey Mangle, well done you :)

But I have to ask, why are you giving yourself heartburn because your not a smoker anymore :)

Take time over your lunch and enjoy it, bring a book in and read a couple of chapters, listen to some music, chill out and de-stress but most of all if you need a to puff on that ecig then do it... its far better for you than the other one and we want you to stay off those other one's :)

Stay strong and positive mangle, we are all behind you :D

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BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to mangle

Hi Mangle, well done on getting through a tough day, that's not easy when someone else smokes as well, I know coz my hubby smokes and in the early part of my quit I think I could easily have throttled him. I kept telling myself that it was my decision to quit which I couldn't force him to do but it does make it harder. You can do this just stay focused on your quit and well done :) x

Ok I have always been a bit apprehensive about support groups for anything. I jumped in to this one trying to ignore the weird feelings it stiredbup in me being honest about my weakness with strangers. Best thing I could have done. You guys have been amazing people and I have found myself looking forward to every reply I get. Thanks folks.

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monkyAdministrator in reply to mangle

Hi ya Mangle, its lovely to hear your doing so well pal :) I hope Mrs Mangle is doing well too :)

I take my hat off to you and bow down to Mrs you for going cold turkey, I tell you :) :) But like some of the others have said, its nice to know in the back of your mind, that you have got a bit of help if you need it, as in the e-cig :)

Mangle, this site is a lovely lovely site, we are all here for the same reason, that is to quit the flippin dreaded cigs :) and to help each other if we can :) :) You perhaps dont know it Mangle, but you will be helping somebody along the way with your posts, because there are a lot of members that just read and dont post any comments see, soooo you keep up the good work :) :)

I think quitting the cigs is the most hardest thing that I have had to do, but I know I can do it with the help of all these lovely friendly people on here :) plus we have a laugh along the way too, which does help me a lot :) :)

You stay with us Mangle, cos were all routing for you :) :)

Pete :)

Had a great day. Only really craved evil a couple times. Drinking so much water I can do a Lil dance and hear it sloshing. Stuck in rush hour traffic is a bad time for me. It was my favorite smoke time. Doing good anyways.

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katelisci1 Month Winner in reply to mangle

Hey there Mangle! Its great to hear you've been doing well!!! That drinking lots of water helps out so much :D And if you drink enough before Rush Hour Traffic you won't be thinking about Mr. Nic - you'll be thinking about going to the bathroom! Thats a good way to break routine! Keep it up! Stay Strong!!!

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Hello Mangle. Well done on the cold turkey. two weeks today cold turkey for me. Trust me it gets easier. Get through the first 4 days and each new day becomes easier.

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mangle in reply to glolin

Today is day 4. Your very right it has gotten easier. I think I'm winning, gonna knock on wood though.

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droopyJLTW MARVELOUSNESS in reply to mangle

Wow Mangle your almost at your first week..... well done to you and Mrs Mangle :)

Like you I struggled with certain parts of my journey to work, and every time I hit traffic I would always light up, now though I turn up the radio and sing at full belt coz by the time the song is over my craving has gone..... it's also quite amusing to see the look on peoples faces in the cars next to me ... (am completely tone deaf.....) :D :D

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cold and clammy is part of it and sweats I have done that and still been having them just not as much as I first did. Drink lots of water!!!

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EBrasher813 Months Winner

This is my 6th day cold turkey. I have an e cig but haven't used it yet. I have been on a roller coaster ride with this that's for sure. I don't sleep good at night and have shortness of breath along with anxiety and panic attacks as well as the crankiness that goes along with this. I've become a hermit and I don't like it but it seems like that's the only way I can get through the day without snapping on everybody. Everyone says it will pass I'm just waiting for it to. Good luck to you and your wife.

keep it up pirate

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