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Day 11 and definately feeling a whole lot better!

Can't quite believe ive got here but I have and I have no intention of smoking another dirty cigarette which would take me straight back to being a smoker again. Its certainly isnt easy yet and I still feel like a smoker who isnt smoking but im doing ok. Sleeping much better than I did as a smoker too as I used to wake in the night needing a fag! Just feeling a lot better all round so thought Id share. I hope everyone is doing well :-) Jo xx

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Happy Easter, jojolou!

Really well done. You're on your way now..

Agreed it's not easy, but going back to Smoke land isn't an option.

Today's day four for me... and it's time for sleep.

Stay safe & stopped, Best wishes. Gill, x


hi jojolou, what a good description of giving up smoking. You have just put into words exactly how I fee, a smoker who is'nt smoking. Guess this will pass eventually, 8 weeks and a few days for me. Remember however we feel we really are non smokers now. Keep it up.


very well done, you non-smoker you :)


Jo thats magic gal, am so so glad your feeling better for quitting :) :) and like you say it is a hard slog, but its worth it in the long run eh :)

Ha ha, so your sleeping better now then gal :) I think most people who are quitting find it harder to sleep :o but saying that, I have not had any trouble sleeping, its the getting up that I have trouble with :o :D :D speak soon.

Take care Jo :)


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