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2 months cold turkey.. woohoo!!

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ashwingr814 Month Winner

Hey all,

After pack a day for 10 years, I'm 2 months smoke free today. I'm really happy that I reached this milestone. I wanted to thank all the members and administrators in this wonderful community to help me get here. Without you guys, I'm not sure if I could have reached this far.

The last couple of weeks have been fairly easy. The still get the urges, especially after a meal or a stressful meeting in the office. I keep repeating to myself, "If you smoke one, what you gain is nothing compared to what you lose". I trained my brain to take the most logical choice and it has responded well so far.

I'm not going out with friends as much as I used to (just once since I quit), but I'm spending lot of time with my family and my 18 month old son (my biggest motivation to quit). Below is the picture of my handsome boy, who has helped me go through some of the toughest withdrawal phases.

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2 months is sensational and what a handsome young man. You should be feeling super proud of yourself 👏👏👏🍀🍀🍀🍀🚭🚭🚭🚭

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ashwingr814 Month Winner in reply to glolin

Yes I am maam. Thanks for your support.🚭

Well done and I am sure your boy looks well happy. ❤️

Well Done Ashwingr!! Two months is a fantastic achievement. You've cracked it!! Stay strong and remember Not One Puff Ever.

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Well done Ashwing, great achievement!

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2 months is fantastic,well done.

Enjoy being a non smoker. ☺👍👏👏👏

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ashwingr814 Month Winner

Thanks for the support and encouragement.

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Well done Ash.. I too am at 2 months feels great doesn't it!

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ashwingr814 Month Winner in reply to Hidden

Yes it does Shelba. I'm now confident that we could quit forever. Have a great quit.

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BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Congrats on your 2 months Shelba, great quit and hope Charlie is doing well🐶x

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Aw your son is gorgeous and the best motivation ever😍 Lots to be proud of, well done ash🚭👍🏼😊

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ashwingr814 Month Winner in reply to Briarwood

Thanks briarwood

Not only should you feel great about adding the extra healthy time with your adorable son, but also the example you are setting for him in regard to strength, and commitment to health.

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ashwingr814 Month Winner in reply to Schmicter

True Schmicter. He truly is my motivation.

My mum used to avoid my kids when she went out to smoke, that was all well and good but I really felt sad she spent so much time smoking or thinking about smoking when she could have been with them. You are your son's hero, example and role model. He's going to love spending time with you. He's gorgeous☺️

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Huge well done Ashwing on 2 mths quit👍you're certainly reaping the benefits and kids certainly help us along the way ☺

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