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3 Weeks cold turkey addendum

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kronoskeylock19 Months Winner

Hello everyone; - Firstly, a heartfelt thank you very much to everyone for all your kind words and thoughts yesterday, they were a real help.I particularly like Betts idea of being your own best friend. I'm feeling much more positive today.

A lot of people have suggested that I consider N.R.T.; I have thought about this and I appreciate that it can be a great help to some people but to my mind you are just re-introducing into the system the narcotic that you are trying to give up. I've always had an obtuse nature, the best way to get me to do something is to tell me I shouldent! I think quietly I like doing things the hard way.

Anyway, I've made lots of plans to keep me busy today and even my desktop-smokefree-ticker has cheered me up by saying that I have a "statistically good chance of sucess now I have passed the three week mark". but then to quote Mark Twain there are three kinds of lies, Lies, Damn Lies and statistics!

Oh, hope you like the picture, it's the sunrise at Avebury Circle, one of my favorite places in the world of which I am very lucky to live 8 miles from.

Good luck all


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cleopetra2 YEAR WINNER

Hello Martin,

I am in awe of those people who go cold turkey so can I add my well done to the others. What a lovely photo. Have a productive day and a good one.


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Morning Martin,

Well, I agree that to stop the smoking without any NRT is the surest way to become nicotine free - as quickly as possible. I did try this for three weeks last year, it wasn't initially as bad as I thought it might be. But then the craving kicked in really heavily in the forth week, and I caved in and smoked again.

I've since tried again from 25 March, using the ECig/Vapor. So far so good, and not even bothered at all about having a cigarette. This way could indeed be "the hardest way" in the end. Just because - as you say - it's prolonging the nicotine withdrawal.

I wish I knew the best way to continue, but, I don't want to risk tobacco smoking again - ever!

So I'm continuing this way, with the intention and hope of stopping this ECig too, as soon as possible.

If this hasn't dwindled away to zero, in two months or so - well, then I'll just have to try "cold turkey" again. Don't see any other options.

Best of luck with your Quiting choice, it may well turn out to be the easier option in the long run!


Hi Martin

Beautiful, inspiring picture, thank you :). Takes your breath away, but in a really good way ;) :)

On a complete aside, I am tring to use exercise to help this quitting, and have discoveredlove to cycle, in a gentle, not a competitive way :), but my bum's sooooo hurting, has anyone got any tips or reconmmendations to help??


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Hi Betts, it doesn't last. It's cos you've not been on a bike for ages. If you go out cycling regularly maybe 2 or 3 times a week, no matter how far you go you won't have a sore bum ever again - promise.

Already got one of those!

:) :) :)

Good idea - I'll venture into a bikeshop and try out, new experience! It'll be good to raid the savings jar :)

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