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week 9

well i am going into week 9 of no smoking. Knew today wa going to be a bad day when my phone rang at 9.00am at first ignored it. Then it rang again came downtair half aleep and it wa my mum aying he couldn't open the gate becaue the now had drifted up it told i would come round in an hour. She then said to me why i was still in bed at 9.00am on a sunday nearly told her what to do. At 10.00 am after digging my car out of the snow car. gets there and she is outside with a spade clearing the snow with no coat on. as some of you are aware she is terminally ill with lung cancer dont get why she was clearing her path. Oh i also told her i have pulled a muscle im my back was she bothered noooooooooo. then my stepdad rings me up and tells me he has prostate cancer dont think my day can get any worse

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Hey Tracey, try to calm down a bit eh, cos your doing so so well :) very nearly 9 weeks now :) thats just sooooper gal :) :)

Try to stay strong and focused Tracey cos your well on your way to becoming an X smoker :)

I know about family too, it's hard sometimes gal it is :( :o take care now :) you get a good nights sleep and charge your batteries up for another smoke free day tomorrow :) :)

Pete :)


So sorry about your mum Tracey we think it will never happen to us I am present being treated for cancer hopefully they will be able to help your stepdad but you keep positive about smoking. I have started on numerous occasions after trying to stop because of stress but although it may seem to at first it doesn't alter the situation or take it away. 9 weeks is a trementors a achievement. You keep positive and try to keep smiling Thinking of you Sue cox


Sending you some positive vibes and big Cyber cuddles Tracey. Stay strong my friend you have achieved sooo much xxxxxx


We are near neighbours just looking at locations and I am in Chestrerfield. How is the snow near you today Another smoke free day Sue cx


Tomorrow it will seem very different you are doing sooooo well. Stick to it - I am now in month 5 fast approaching month 6. I have inordinate amounts of stress - my 28 year old son walked out of job in London, gave up his flat, so no job, no home and he has now come to live with me. He has been here since December and still no job so am supporting him and I am an OAP which is a laugh!!!! I have been more than tempted to light up but know that I shall just slither down that slope again. Have courage and battle on. Good luck


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