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The tricked to do the seem

Now my head is freed up a little I can employ it more creatively that the usual thinking of have a fag, just one.....what harm can one fag do?? Huh go on it's only one teeny weeny little roll up, no one will notice...

Here for just a smidgen, gone for good

I’ve less time to spend than my time already spent

I sit down at times and ponder where all lifetime went

Like a letter that was written but never really sent

A life that’s somehow borrowed, a life that’s somehow lent

So what, if the world carries on when I’m gone

I’ve seen all the stars and the sun. how it shone

A story unheard that began, once upon

A coconut fallen, A prize to be won.

There’ll be others to come to fill in the space

That once was the person who lived behind my face

Each in turn will run out the race

To live out their lives at their own steady pace

And where shall it lead, all this living and death

This presence of spirit from first to last breath

Playing their part on some stage like Macbeth

As in John 4:23 'But the hour cometh,

From whence did it come? And where shall it go

This marvel of time and the lives that we know.

Born to be doomed, the further we go.

F**k the philosophy, on with the show.

And when my time comes, for it will, I believe

No more tomorrows to make hay or weave.

No parole, no acquittal no pardon or reprieve

I’m so glad I met you but I it’s time for me to leave

But I'll leave as a non smoker

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This is a bit serious for you Fags but enjoyed reading it, it is very true no one knows what is around the corner. My present situation has made me realise live for today for tomorrow may not come, do everything you want and don't waste time being angry or sad.. Sue cxx


Life in general Simba is a continuum rather than a point in time, tommorow will NEVER come because when you think it,s tommorow its really now. Live for the now not today, as today will never come either. :)


wow fags..didn't realise you wrote serious as well as funnies..I loved this ,wonderful piece ! Thanks for sharing always good to read a good piece of poetry :)

SueC ..that's my motto too :)




Time, days and dates are to keep this mad world we live in organized :D


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