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Hoping to stop tomorrow!! Help!!!

Hi everyone, I'm going to try and stop tomorrow!! Wondering if anyone else is doing the same or if you are all non-smokers already!! ANY advice and help would be wonderful. I've tried gum and patches but get allergies and sickness so am going to try and go cold turkey. I'm reasonably light so hopefully withdrawals won't be too bad. Thank you!! :)

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i am on day two and have the patches and spray,i think a lot of it is your frame of mind,GOOD LUCK, dont be on your own there is a lot of support on here and i find it helpful just to know I can write something and that i am not doing this stopping smoking on my own.x


Hello Romaine,

First of all welcome to quit support. We are all at different stages of quitting. Some of us have stopped and some still trying or just started. Emjay our advisor is the lady who will probably help you. I am sure she will be contacting you soon. Meanwhile have a look through some of the blogs, there are lots of useful tips and hints. I myself quit using a inhalator. I managed to quit within 6 months. Like I say everyone is different. The main thing is to stay positive and focused. Please join in on our daily chat, it helps to take your mind of those ciggys. :)


Thank you so much Jilly for responding. I so want to be free of this hideous habit. I look forward to having a look through some of the blogs etc.



Hi Romaine,

welcome aboard :D

As long as you plan ahead, then stopping smoking without the use of any nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) can be done.

Have a read through the following blog and try the exercise involved in preparation for tomorrow;


It only takes 2 days for the nicotine to leave your system however, it can take around 12 weeks for the nicotine recpetors in your brain to calm themselves down.

You can do this if you really want to and believe that you can.

Remembering to stay positive and that although nobody says that it will be easy, everyone says that it is worth it :-)


Thanks Elissa, Good Luck, great being on Day 2!! Unfortunately I had an allergy to the patches where it was too itchy. A real shame as I think it could definitely help. Thanks for your words of encouragement x

Thank you EmJay, I had read the blog about reasons for smoking, really enlightening. Thanks for your encouragement x


Hi Romaine,no you will not be alone tomorrow ,so heres thinking of you :) jan x


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