Stop Smoking Adverts

We have all seen them, from images of cancerous lungs, to people appearing uncool and those targeted directly at men! One I found funny depicted a group of men smoking while eying up a young woman, all of a sudden their cigarettes went floppy a reference to smoking influence on male sexual virility and impotence.

There have been so many over the years.

Do people here feel that adverts like these directly influence people "After seeing that ad, I'm going to stop!" or do you think that they serve to keep the idea that "I shouldn't really be doing this" bubble away in our minds until something else prompts us to take action.

Many of the adverts make you feel uncomfortable, that is the point. But I wonder if the lighter ones are more effective as we are inclined to suppress unpleasant thoughts/memories.

Does anyone have an ad in ind which greatly influenced them? A favorite which they find humorous?

This is one which challenges a type of smoker I was for a few points in my life:

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  • I think the adverts vary on what impact they have on us , and if we are considering quitting. I certainly wouldn't ban any of them.

  • I feel the advertising can be a little contentious. Like Jilly if it is going to help more people get on board quitting cigarettes keep them rolling.

    Where i feel it can be quite hard is for people early in their quit and trying desperately not to think about smoking and they have these adds as a constant reminder.

    It would be interesting to see the stats on how many people give up in response to the advertising on telly

  • The ads never made me want to quit, but once I started my quit they seemed to be on all the time, helping Mr Nic remind me that I hadn't had my daily fix. So annoying xx

  • The adverts never made me want to give up either, and sometimes I'd go out and have a cigarette just to avoid them.... In not convinced either way whether the adverts work for other people, just didn't work for me ...

  • Hiya David, maybe I shouldn't have played this on the bus😳 only joking lol😂

    I'd have to say no, they never made me want to quit and I'd usually change channel when they aired coz I'm definitely an ostrich who prefers to bury my head in the sand.

    Having said that, I wish I had learned from them to stop this dirty smelly habit a long time ago😱 Hindsight is a wonderful thing😉x

  • It's quite something how much money is spent on TV adverts encouraging people to quit, yet the quick straw poll here seems to suggest they aren't that helpful.

    This article also agrees.

  • The adverts used to make me laugh whilst smoking now when my daughter watches I feel guilt and shame I used to laugh till she asked me what was funny THEN I QUIT!!

  • Perhaps that's part of the deal. They remind those who aren't thinking irrationally about smoking (thanks to nicotine addiction/habit), about why we shouldn't quit.

    I had a thought the other day, the government funds stop smoking campaigns, at the same time as making a lot of money from tax on cigarettes. But that is a discussion for another day.

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