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Gathering momentum

During a bout of profound boredom, I decided to investigate the mysterious booming noises and coloured lights coming from my settee. Imagine how pleased I was when I found two quality street stuffed down the back of the cushions. Considering I thought all my chocolate had been taken by some cheeky 1970s heartthrob, I was well pleased. As I sat down to enjoy my new found treats, I pondered over the wrappings, one green and one red and how these might be used with a bit of sticky tape, to convert my spectacles into 3D.

Well, five minutes later, I am in the middle of the street and it looked just as if the bus was coming straight at me. I never found out what the noises or lights were and I don’t like concussion. 3 Weeks 2 days - leveling out.

Fags :)

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:D :D :D


Wow, you'll be at one whole month in no time at all. :)


Now I've heard a rumour, highly confidential of course, until proven in court... that the said chocolates were actually not stolen by cheeky 1970's heartthrob, but instead by the otters who'd ran out of ear wax whilst building the 'death star'. The evidence of which can be seen in the lack of purple wrappers (containing the largest of nuts) within the remains....

Now witnessed by Amor and Vida (woops shouldn't have mentioned their names!), who happened to be gazing out of John's window at the time... saw cheeky 1970's heartthrob fight off the otters with stupidly large flower, saving of which was the last three chocolates.

Cheeky 1970's heartthrob then cleared the settee of rilza's, half smoked rollies and the odd filters replacing with red, amber and green wrapped chocolates. Given the green should have been camouflaged by the sofa, it was expected bored Fags would actually use the brightest of red and amber to convert spectacles to 3D. Poor bus driving bird confused by both red and green at the same time, hit the brakes, flashed his lights, but had no time to stop inflight bus, hitting poor Fags in the middle of the road.... Fortunately for Fags, cheeky 1970 heartthrob and visited the shop only just earlier that day to purchase a large chocolate wrapped in a purple wrapper saving him from the worst demon of all - that nasty cigarette!!

9 Days and following ;-)


Fags ..are you sure you're levelling out ? hehe ..please dont ever level out tooo much we'd miss your funny meanderings . As for the noises and lights i'm going to stick my neck out and suggest they werent under the sofa seats but actually being beamed directly into your head,probably the left side, by flying happybods.These strange creatures cannot be seen by the naked eye but their offerings certainly can be seen , heard and felt. They are prone to arrive bearing gifts wrapped in brightly coloured covers,so the finder feels that 'oh yes' pleasure moment.They are harmless and often said to be related to cheeky 1970's heartthrobs or for that matter any heartthrob or anything that makes us smile. You obviously were sending out ' good vibrations' and 'happy happy thoughts' . :)

5 days till mega celecbrations Fags :) :) :)


Think it must have been the number 70 bus and the lights and noise.....................probably the driver flashing his lights and horn at you.

UNLESS! It was a flying ash tray that another smoke quiter has thrown away. imperial tobacco`s profits are droping, so are the governments tax take.

that is something to celebrate.


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