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planning the treats...finding the pleasures

am at week 3 today and feel like a desperate person!! told my husband this morning that 'i have nothing to look forward too EVER!!' he just stared at me blankly(him being a social smoker/ only smoking when he has a beer, he's been like that for 20 years..not fair), I feel angry alot and have moments of wishing id never bothered trying so i wouldnt have to face the guilt if i start again!! I alreIady know have to take up running/exercise to achieve a natural high...endorphins please!! having had that rant I am proud of myself and ALL OF YOU people out there. we are going to do this...YES WE ARE!! am starting to plan treats...facials, yoga classes, haircuts, days out...this website is my newfound pleasure.!! Many Thanks

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Aup Buddyboo, your doing so so well, dont you give in now gal, you keep strong and positive :) try some of Emjay's breathing exercises they may help :)

A massive well done to you for getting to 3 weeks quit :) :) and YES flippin treat yourself gal, cos you deserve it :) and YES you stand up proud, cos you've beat it Buddyboo, and you can carry on beating it toooo :) you getting the gist Woman :) :D

Speak later Pete :)


Thank you Buddyboo you are right we should all be proud of ourselves. Getting to 3 weeks is brill and what has kept me strong when the cravings are bad is that I really dont want to go through this ever again. I worked hard in the house today and have no excuses for trying to start the couch to 5K tomorrow.

Heres hoping I am still motivated tomorrow.

linda xx


Hey Buddyboo, I have nothing to look forward too EVER - I line spoken by myself only yesterday!!! Three weeks is totally brill, I'll be on seven days tomorrow, can't wait to get where you are....

Linda, couch to 5k tomorrow, go for it girl. Apart from you lovely lot, exercise is the one thing thats helping me getting through. Today I did a 2 hour hike over the Malvern Hills, oh my, that fresh air was good, the snow showers and icy wind invigorating!

Sounds like a few of us are running.. in only a week I've noticed the difference in my breathing. Bite size chunks... run, walk, run, walk and you'll be doing 5k in no time at all...

Andi delighted you've decided to stick around, both you and Monky are an inspiration to all... :-) :-)


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