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Good morning all

Hope you're all waking up to the same beautiful morning I was - promise of a gorgeous day and weekend so what more could we smoke free people require.

Last day at work for 3 whole days so yippee roll on this afternoon and finishing!

Hope everyone gets done what they want to so that we can all enjoy the long weekend.

Take care all and catch you later.

Not just carefree but stressfree day to all!


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Hi Kath and all

Just delete my blog as it appears that great minds think alike. :-)

Just going to read your blog from last night, then got to pop to the hospital :-) and then back to work for a few hours :-o then 3 days off. Woo hoo...horray :-) :d ;-)

Weather down south is excellent and forcast to stay that way

Happy smoke free days

Sue xx


Good morning Sue

Just thought I sneak in before anyone else was about - didn't realise you were waiting in the wings. Very kind of you to let my opening stand.

You must be very brave to read anything of mine so early in the morning - be careful you may fall asleep as it could turn out to be boring!

Hope everything goes well at the hospital and sure the hours at work will just fly by - you could always cheat and move the hands on the clock when no-one is looking!!!

Snap as far as weather goes - let's hope that they're right for a change - surely they have to get it spot-on at least once a month!

Have a good day and remember, together we can and are winning!

Catch you later.



Morning all

Can't stop, running late I suddenly realise! Got to take my daughter's cat to be spayed :(

Hope it is all OK

Have a lovely smoke free morning all. Back for a coffee later?



Good morning everyone,

I hope you all have a great day, i won't be on much today as my daughter went into labour at 6.15am so will be going to the hospital, i'm so excited now :) i'll let you know all the news later :)


How exciting Sue. Have an extra special day :-)

Sue x


Good morning ladies. Hope you are all fine. Sue what SUPER news. cant wait. :)

just off for my cuppa. anyone joining me. xxx


Love to join you but will have to make it quick as leaving for hospital in 15 mins :-)

Thank you



God morning everyone, yes, beautiful weather here on the coast as well. 8-)

Sue, absolutely awesome news. :) Spooky how we were only discussing it on here a few hours ago! :D :D :D

Enjoy the day - nice long weekend for you all to look forward to. :)


Good Morning Everybody :-)

What a lovely day, a really nice day to bring a baby Grandson into the world too :-) How exciting Sue. Being a Grandparent is one of the best jobs in the world :-)

Kath, that's a lovely blue sky you have there, hopefully we'll have some of the same over these was soon :-)

Betts, You're daughter's cat will be home and running around before you know it. We'll have a coffee waiting upon your return :-)

Bunny Sue, Hope all goes well for you at the hospital :-)

JillyGirl, I'm just about to make a fresh cuppa if you fancy it, we'll send one across for Sue too as I think she could do with one, with all this excitement :-)

Morning Andi, have you any exercising planned today? I went to my yoga session last night :-)


Good morning Emjay, no, I think it's a rest day today - didn't get up til nearly 8. :o Must do something in the garden when I get back from shopping. See you later. :)


Hey Andi enjoy your gardening. Now your into your 2nd year of being a non-smoker. :)


Happy shopping Andi :-)

Morning John, you're just in time for a fresh cuppa and a slice of cake with your name on it ;-)



Hi All

Back from hospital and got the all clear for now although they said I should expect another "episode" within the next 6 years :-8 Driving back was excellent with the weather being so fine. Great day to be alive 8-)


Morning all,

Builders just arrived with loads of Plasterboard stacked in my Hall... said they'd be back on Monday, for a full week of Hammering and Banging.... Not looking forward to that... but needs must.

Oddly, not one of them smokes either, so that makes things easier for me as I won't have to smell any ciggies. Not that that greatly bothers me - but I agree, they can smell a bit inviting when they're first lit up.

A busy day for all you budding Grandparents, I hope all goes well. I'm sure John will share his cake (with his name on it too), in celebration??!

Still, bitterly cold and rainy here - no change there then, as this is a "normal Scottish Summer".... Grr!

Stay safe and well you lucky Southerners... and enjoy the sunny warmth.



Hi Gill, sorry about having to live with all that plasterboard cluttering up the place. Do the builders not know that Monday's a Bank Holiday or don't you have it in Scotland? :o

Cake from John? You've got to be joking! You've more chance of seeing a pig fly than get any cake out of him! :P :D :D

By the way, unless you load your own pics on one of these on-line sites, you won't be able to put it in a post, you can only put them into blogs that you write. :)


Ta andi,

I did have a go on this iPad, but photo would only show upside down! So I'll boot up the Comp sometime and have another go. Trouble with this iPad thingy - is it's just fine for simple stuff, but it's very limited for much else.

It is a Bank Holiday up here, but my Builder ignores that... said he might show up on Sunday... if that was okay by me? I'd be booted off this site permanently... if I told you my reply. Sunday indeed!

Have fun on here tonight you folks. See ya tomorrow.

Gill, xx


Never mind Gill, weather been pretty rubbish here today too. We are only allowed on average one sunny day each month, back to thick cloud, cold winds but thankfully no rain.


Morning Gill, I'm sure the weather will eventually make it up North-North eventually. We (here in the North West) have had our wait for the sunshine to come from down South :-)

Glad all went well at the hospital for you Bunny Sue :-)


Hi John

I really like the look of these :)


Evening all

Never got back for the morning coffee, and missed the cake - tho it sounds like John's not for sharing :) just caught up with the missing coffee now, and well ready for it.

Problems with the car's brakes has caused a bit of a crisis, but in hand now.

So much going on! At least the plasterboard's ready for getting up Gill, messes up the hall tho'. Still waiting for a bifold door to arrive for fitting at my daughter's so it's open to the elements when I saw it earlier today, so finger's crossed it'll be sorted soon!

Poor little puss is back, and seems OK, but her brother seems to want to be licking her wound for her, so busy keeping him off!

Glad that the hospital visit went OK bunny Sue - not sure what the 'episode' is, but hope it is not too bad?!

Exciting news Sue :) . Please let us know asap if you have a grandson or granddaughter and all is well.

Love the idea of some yoga Emjay. I did it years (and moreyears) ago, maybeI will have a go again - it is just getting the time at the moment. I must admit I feel very out of control on the time management front, always trying to catch up!

Have a good evening everyone, and relish this extra long weekend ahead.. May the sun come out for all of us, north and south :)



Hello and a good evening to you all. Most of you should be looking forward to a long weekend. Sorry you missed the cake and coffee Betts. I too missed it but in all fairness I have

been out with the family for a pub meal. So feel pretty full now. Had some reiki therapy this morning which seemed to help with my healing pains. Anyway anyone heard from Sue yet ,

I hope they are all busy and the daughters still not in labour.

John I love the look of the tea-light holders. You will have to send a photo when you use them with proper bulbs. I do hope Amors results come through quickly for you.

Gill, I feel sorry for you with all that plasterboard . I had the same sort of problem about 3 years ago. Bet you will be glad when its all done.

Bunny sue, so glad you got a good result from the hospital.

Emjay sorry I never thanked you for the cuppa before. But I seemed to be so busy today.

I don't know what time Pete finishes work today, but hopefully he has a long weekend to look forward to.

Off for a cuppa now. :)


Am fed up again peeps, haha nothing new there. My feet are like two puddings almost as swollen as my daughters except I'm not 9 months pregnant. Yup been stopped smoking for 3 months and am now swelling up like a sponge. Grrrrr, really not impressed as it looks like I'm throwing weight on when I know it's water retention. Why is it only me that swells up when I stop smoking. Off to hospital on Monday to get my bloods done to test for thyroid, tho not holding out any hope for that as I don't really have any other symptoms - yet. The only good thing is I now have hot feet instead of the usual cold feet. Am excited to know how Sue is getting on with her new addition, wonder if he's arrived yet.


haha, me too John, as my current shoes are size 9 I've kind of had it unless I start wearing mens shoes. Will have to go barefoot.


Poor you, Shame your feet are swollen. Hope you get some answers from the hospital soon.

Yes I am waiting for sue to contact us all. She will be over the moon. :)






Earth calling Grandma Sue - Earth calling Grandma Sue

Please land safely!


We're all waiting with baited breath for an update from Grandma!!!!!


Hi everyone,

Sam has had her son, he weighed 8lbs, and is called Nairn David Cook, I'll post a picture when i get on the laptop, came in to find my son using it :) xxxxx


So pleased for you sue :D :) :D :)

You must be exhausted so get a nice relaxing bath and a bite of supper and a good night's rest.

We're patient people and will wait until tomorrow to see your grandson!

Sure your dreams will be that much sweeter.




Congratulations Sue and welcome to the world little Nairn.


Thank you John, and yes, i'm sure he'll take all my money :D :)


Congratulations Sue and to all the family! Welcome Nairn!

:) :) :) :) :) :)


Aww thank you Kathy and Betts, i am tired, just waiting to hear from the hospital, my daughter had to be taken to theatre, she was losing blood from somewhere, so i won't sleep till i find out she's okay xxxxx


Know you will hear soon that all is well Sue.

When you've heard you get some rest because I know someone who is going to be a very busy person tomorrow! You will probably find that there aren't enough hours in the day.

Many congratulations again Sue and if you have a few spare minutes for a cuppa and a quick natter tomorrow just yell as I'll gladly brew up for you anytime.

Luv and hug



Good evening all, missed all the excitement - my American friend was on for an hour just as I was going to come on here. :o She'd visited an old friend who called her motor-mouth and I said that was a really apt name for her. :D :D

So Sue, congratulations on your first grandchild. :)

Hope you've got the strength for it! :D :D

Hope your daughter gets out of the theatre soon. :)


Thanks Andi :) she's doing great now, thank goodness it's:) xxxxx


Thanks Kath,

I've just heard from her hubby that she's back on the ward and doing great :) :) so i'll be up at the hospital tomorrow and get loads of pics, so watch this space :D :).xxxxx


That's absolutely fantastic Sue.

Look forward to viewing them tomorrow.

You take care and take it steady. Me thinks Grandma will need lots of energy for babysitting sometime soon!

Luv and Hug



Champagne all round to celebrate! :) (maybe we'll save the cake for tomorrow and time it for when JC goes out. :o ) :D :D



Good one Andi :D :D :D :D


All this excitement is getting to me! :o :D :D

Getting tired now so will sign off. Nite nite Granny Sue and everyone else. Hope you all sleep well and sweet dreams. :) xxxxxxxxxxx


I'll have to love and leave you all, i'm tired now and i'll need plenty sleep now :)

nite nite everyone, sweet dreams

Love and hugs :) xxxxx


Nighty night all.

Restful sleep to one and all together with sweet dreams.

Another day tomorrow and I bet I know someone who will be up bright and early!

Luv and hug



Hi Sue. Congratulations to you and your family. :-) :-) :-) Wonderful news and I'm so glad Sam is doing ok. :-) :-) :-) What a joy. :-) Have a wonderful day tomorrow. :D :D :D


Sue xx


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