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2 weeks. Serious this time Huh

Well who'd o' thought it. I seem to be OK regarding the habitual aspects like rolling a fag as soon as I get in the car each morning. Having a roll up with my morning break and other key smoking rituals. Oddly enough, none of that is bothering me to much. This I can only assume is because I am still feeding my body with the NRT lozenges. I do start to get twitchy when my nicotine levels drop, I know when this is happening as my body has lived with nicotine for a long long time and it wants it. Still, I go out on a Sunday night for a couple of pints of guiness and cope well with that, There is a psychotic bully at work that chose me as a victim today and that didn't phase me, I've said my last goodbye to Dad this week and generally had a bit of stress and grief. All of which seems to have been dealt with and without to many monster cravings. I plan to carry on like this for a few more weeks and then start to reduce the NRT lozenges. I know already that any reduction in nicotine is going to upset the fagbeastie who lives inside me, but I am feeling stronger than I ever have and I shall fight back this time. Letting down my hair and blabbing away on this site has gone quite some way in assisting me. Even though some of my blogs are complete random kak, I am jibbering to people who are in the same boat and I don't feel isolated or having to deal with this all on my own. So a big warm thanks to all of you for allowing me to cry on your shoulders and letting me get away with talking pants.

Fags :)

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Hiya Fags - maybe you should change your handle to ........... PANTS!

Has your chesty lurgy finally cleared up yet?


It's getting better every day. I went out blading yesterday, first time this year, it wiped me out and left me gasping a bit, but this time three weeks ago, going to the toilet wiped me out and left me gasping, so that is a result.

Love and breathlessness Pants:)


:D :D :D :D


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