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NRT lozenges. what are the withdrawal symtoms of these?

After two weeks off work with a dreadful chest infection and after over 40 years of smoking, I quit, I've had enough, I want to break free (there's a song in there somewhere). Whilst picking up my prescription for anti-biotics I picked up a packet of NRT lozenges and thought, Let's do it. I am now on day three, No fags and using 2mg lozenges at about 8 a day. I seem to be coping but I have to bear in mind that my chest infection has really laid me low and is a wondrous incentive. I am still feeding my body with nicotine through the lozenges and I am concerned that should I carry on as I am, in a few weeks time I will have to give up the Nicotine fix altogether. Anyone been there, done that, etc? Is giving up the lozenges js as bad as giving up smoking? The past three days, I have been at home alone, this has been a bonus as I can run round naked screaming or leap out of windows when it all gets to bad, but tomorrow I am back at work, someone tell me I will be OK.. Any re-assurance will sure help me out.

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Hi Fags, well done in trying to quit, read this link it might answer your question.


Good luck in trying, you CAN DO IT


I have to.... cheers for the support.


Ive fiund this link helpful mad, thanks ;)

Good luck to you fags. 40 years is a long tkme to smoke, well done for trying to give up.

This site is fantastic with some brilliant people on it giving fantastic advice

Keep at it, it will get easier hopefully


I have to stop now, I still cycle quite a bit and for years I have been a roller blader.

I want to carry on doing this until I am 100 years old if I can. i.m no longer a spring chicken and I am starting to feel it, 40 years of smoking is beginning to catch up and if I don't stop now.....well .. Thanks for your support.

Ps I live in Brighton, roller blading geriatrics is quite normal.


I bet you have those naked cyclists there too! :o :D :D


Hiya fags and welcome to our lovely community. It sounds like you're in the right place to be successful with your quit. I can't comment on the lozenges, I'm afraid, but I had my "light bulb" moment 9 months ago and decided to quit cold turkey. Like you, I was 55 and had smoked for over 40 years so there is hope for you. I didn't tell anyone what I was doing so I didn't have to keep talking about it to everybody so that might be a tip for when you go to work tomorrow. The bonus will be that you won't have to go and stand out in that cold tomorrow when you want one. Research Emjay's breathing exercises this evening so you'll be prepared for the cravings and I also got through loads of mints.

Good luck and come and share your quit on the daily chat. We'll support you all the way.

Andi :)


I haven't told my wife. In the past, whenever I have made an attempt to stop, she has gone on and on and on and on and made me so stressed out that smoking is the only thing that makes it better. I don't like keeping secrets from her but this time I keep my mouth shut and suffering only cravings and not ear ache as well. If I keep quiet at work as well then nobody but me knows. Good idea.. Thanks for your support, it really is appreciated


I was thinking about the giving up the nrt recently - I think that it's probably trying to educate you to get out of the actual habit of "doing" the smoking so by the time it's time to stop the nrt you don't have to think about stopping that hand to mouth thing. :)


Yeah, That seems to ring pretty true. I feel confident this time. I will concentrate on the "Don't smoke fags" thing and deal with the NRT when I have to. Thanks for words of encouragement.


Haha I get the earache from hubby so Ive stopped talking to him lol


My life isn't worth risking on such measures. I'll just keep my mouth shut. Thanks anyway, I'll get there.


Hey Fags, welcome to our online stop smoking community, I hope you'll find it a happy supportive and fun place. We do like to have a laugh, a cuppa and the odd cake here and there :D

If you find the lozeges are helping, stick with using them for now. Don't wory about having to stop using them, we'll help you deal with that when the time comes. The amount of nicotine you're getting from them isn't huge and is better that you have just nicotine and not the rest of the (over) 4,000 chemicals as found in tobacco and its smoke.

Some people are strong enough to crack on with quitting cold tirkey, however depending on your own willpower, you may come unstuc.

You are doing well so just remain positive and lets see how long you quit for before the Missus notices :D

Let me know your quit date and I'll add you onto our Wall of Winners, the place where every quitter is a winner :-)

Keep up the good efforts, you big secret non-smoker you ;-)


Never been a closet non smoker before. Monday 4th 11 am my last ciggy. It's only 3 and a bit days but the encouragement I receive through this site is awe inspiring.


If things get tough come on here and MOAN MOAN MOAN

Getting things off your chest is good.... I have written plenty on here just to get it out, writingmit down gets it out of your system instead of opening that packet of fags again.....


Hiya Fags, how did it go at work today - did anyone notice? It's a fun game to play. When I was on holiday recently I was with a group of people I'm with every year and it was on about the third day when people started asking me as they realised I wasn't popping out all the time. It took til the end of the week for all of them to notice. :)


Work was sort of OK. I've been on the end of a shitty time this last few weeks. Firstly I've been off work with an infection in my lungs which is what finally slapped me round my smoking face. My Wifes also been ill and my Dad died on Tuesday. I've not been having an easy ride, but I still haven't had a ciggy and there is so much going on at the moment (albeit shitty) that I haven't had the time or inclination to think about cravings. So on a brighter side, I am really chuffed about my non-smoking week and I know that the sun will come up tomorrow and a new day will start. Spring is coming and I want to be fag free when I watch all the new buds start coming through. My wife still hasn't twigged and apart from wearing a lone ranger mask and spitting biscuits at otters, I've been acting perfectly normal.....

Despite the shit storm I've been in, I am pulling through with a smile on my face and really feel that this site is so effing uplifting and encouraging. Cheers :)


Hiya Fags, so sorry to hear that your Dad died on Tuesday, that's stressful enough on it's own. All this illness that's been around this winter - I'm so lucky that all I had was a 3 day cold whilst on holiday and was so desperate to avoid all the horrid lurgies that gave chest infections that dragged on for weeks.

I can't believe that your wife hasn't noticed yet - 5 days and it's the weekend now - it'd be well-weird if she doesn't catch on over the weekend (hehe). It's just amazing that you got through your shit week without the fags - just shows you that none of us really need them and it's all in the mind (?).

Great to hear you've got a smile on your face despite everything. :)


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