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5 weeks today El Nico 0 Lizzie 5 weeks

Hi Everyone

I on week 5 as a non smoker, having smoked for 40 years!! I am ashamed to say that. I do still get bad cravings and was hoping by now they would have abated somewhat. Am on 4 mg nicotine lozenges which do help. Not quite sure how I am going to manage next week when I can only chew 1 lozenge every 4 hours. Any thoughts.

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Hi Lizziec1, first of all well done on reaching 5 weeks. Everybody is different with their cravings , however please dont give up as they will pass. Emjay or Jarvo our advisors should soo n be in touch with you and will advise you. There may be an alternative nrt which may suit you better. Meanwhile have a look through some of the blogs on here although they may seem a bit daft , we do support and help each other where possible. Please join our community we will more than welcome you. You say you have smoked for 40 years, well I have smoked for 45yrs. Dont be ashamed, be proud of yourself that you are quitting. Things have changed over 40 years and people nowadays are much wiser now. take care and keep in touch. :) ;)


Thanks soooo much for this support I am very grateful and happy that you guys are here!! As to the blogs being daft, the dafter the better as far as I am concerned. I live alone so its good to have something to laugh at. Also typing frenetically here keeps my hands busy. I have a cup of tea at the moment and 5 weeks ago would have been fagging it!!! I certainly will keep in touch..... you too.


Hiya Lizzie and welcome to our community.

Another one who smoked for well over 40 years. I didn't use any nrt but it sounds like you're determined to keep up with this quit thing and well done for getting to 5 weeks. Our Emjay always says that the cravings will pass whether you smoke or not which is so true. Something else you can tell yourself at the time is that you've chosen not to smoke any more and maybe pop a sweet or a mint in your mouth to try and trick your brain. :o (Not sure if this will work for you - some of us on here have only got one or three brain cells! :o :D :D ) Or you could join in the daily chat and take your mind off it - everyone is welcome. :)


Hi there thanks so much for your reply am getting through shed loads of mints. I know that I can't go back now, Hopefully by 2 months the cravings will get better. I was walking behind a smoker yesterday and could have quite happily grabbed the fag out of her hand!! What an admission!! Have a good weekend. Its good to know this support is here. Toodle pip for now


Aup Lizzie, nice to see you here :) :) a big well done for getting to 5 weeks :)

Yeah me as well, i smoked for over 40 years, so your not alone, as the Girls have said this is a great site to be apart of, and we try to have a bit of a laugh as well, these people are all so so friendly :) :)

Erm you say your on lozenges, what some people do is chew it a bit then sort of park it up on one side of your mouth, others chew it a bit then take it out and put it in a bit of cling film or something like that, then when you need it again, just pop it back in :) :) dont know whether this will help or not Lizzie :) :) speak soon.

Pete :)


Hi yes like a lot of other people the lozenge gets stuck to the roof of my mouth and stays there for up to an hour!! ha ha think am going to end up being addicted to these ..... how sad is that? Lizzie


Well done to you too John. But by gum its difficult? Don't think any of the doctors or medical people have any concept of how hard it is. Thanks for your thoughts. Lizzie


Hi Lizzie,

A big well done to you for not smoking for 5 weeks!

Regarding the lozengers, I have been on and off them for years! Every time I stop I use the lozengers. I tried last Sunday without them...am back on 4 1mg ones a day. That's 4 not 41, ha!

It's far better to have the occasional lozenger than to smoke, that's what my specialist said! He said if they kept me from smoking I could have them for as long as I wanted ( I don't think he knows that I still have them, oops. It's a need to know basis) lol

You'll get there Lizzy! You're doing brilliant!


Thank you so much for your support the info is good to know and well done to you too!!!


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