Hiya, on day 7 of champix and its just not working for me, supposed to up my dose tomorrow but i can't do it. I've turned into a psycho that doesn't sleep much, i'm getting violent and all food just tastes horrible. My quit date is this thursday, and i really need advice. What is the best nrt i could try instead of carrying on with the champix? I don't want lozenges, as i got addicted to those in a previous attempt. I really really wanna do this, but now i'm panicking x

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  • Hiya Lisa, I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with Champix and please don't panic as there are lots of different NRT. Unfortunately there is no best method as everyone is different but there will be a different way for you. Have you tried patches or inhalator or oral strips? There is also ecig or gum and maybe a two pronged approach might suit. I don't have any experience of Champix but I'm sure some of our members will be along to offer help. I quit with ecig and help from this lovely quit family and that worked for me. So honestly there is something available to help you👍

    Have you ever tried cold turkey? For some people it works well and I forgot to mention Alan Carrs book which is free to download and it really helps to read this😃 please stay with us and let us help you, talk soon 😃xx

  • Yeah i've read Allen Carrs book, quit for 3 months...also tried everything else going i think.

    Thanks, think i might get 2 forms of nrt this time and hope and pray my willpower gets me through x

  • I quit with acupuncture and no nrt. After a few weeks very depressed. After second attempt at Accupunture I went to low nic ecig (after 3 weeks) and no return to smoking. Will try wean down to zero nicotine after settled in new job. For now I am a non smoker with a little help. My brain receptors agree with this for now. Don't give up, you can find something that works for you.

  • Well done!

    Ooh you've got me thinking about the acupuncture, do u know if theres anything else i could try thats a bit different?

    Really wish they had quit smoking groups around my area, really think that could help as well x

  • Hi ya Lisa, sorry your having a hard time with the champix :( But, as you say, you have only been taking it for 7 days and your not on the full dose yet :o champix usually starts to work about 10 - 12 days into the course :) so perhaps give it a few more days to start working eh :)

    If its really getting you down, then maybe stop taking it :o :) cos it just dosent suit everybody :o

    Rite gal, if you send our lovely Emjay a private message, with your area and post code, then she can find the nearest quit smoking group to you :)

  • This forum is really good for support. I check it often. Suggest you talk to your doctor about different options. If chantix doesn't do it for you, or you don't like it, don't give up! There are many different ways to do this. One WILL work for you.

  • Hi lisa,

    There is no need to panic.. you can do this..I cant help you with any info on champix either as i never used it.

    We dont have smoking groups where i am either and for me, this forum was my saving grace. when i was struggling, i would come on here and read other peoples journeys the triumphs and the struggles.. It made me feel not so alone on my own quest :) :)

    I dont believe for one moment that i would be where i am to day if it wasnt for this awesome forum :) :)

  • Hi, I couldn't tolerate Champix either. Like you I had tried everything ,including hypnotism, as well.I felt totally frustrated. In the end I went cold turkey and after a couple of weeks, I felt a lot better. It is early days still and I get the occasional desire but it goes quite quickly. If I can do it - anyone can. Good Luck!

  • Thankyou everyone for the support. I WILL do this, its happening tomorrow!! Armed myself this morning with nearly every nrt product going, i will not fail. I so don't know why i'm back here after a 3 month quit previously, i should've just stayed off the damn fags x

  • Good luck Lisa for tomorrow, you can do it😃x

  • Don't give up, Lisa! Champix gave me the worst nightmares ever and gave me terrible depression. I had to stop taking them. I quit cold turkey for 13 months then relapsed. E-cig is helping a lot this time around. It's not the same as a cig, but for me it's the next best thing. I have tobacco flavour to get me through it with a little bit of nicotine. Really takes the edge off quitting. I'm sure you'll find something that works. Stay positive!

    Good luck!!!

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