6 days and all's well (ish)

6 days and all's well (ish)

I came home yesterday to find a cyclops in the front room playing a harp whilst Bono was smearing the walls with salad cream. I'd had problems earlier in the day when I had put out some strips of leather in the garden to feed the Pterodactyls only to discover that druids were creeping out from under the shrubbery to steal them so they could make thongs. I went into the garden to scare them off and remembered my slug trap. I had read in a gardening magazine that if you sink a jam jar into the soil and then half fill it with beer, then overnight, slugs will be attracted to the beer and then fall into the jar and drown. Well, what do you know, it does actually work. A word of warning though, don't drink the beer. I did and two hours later, shat myself hollow. Still not had a ciggy. When things get a little bit hairy, I sing a selection of Hungarian folk songs to my button collection or alternatively, colour in my torso with a biro. It takes my mind off things and stops me from going mad.

Love silliness and the option to leap over the edge


Oh yeah, the picture is of my dog on her birthday.

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  • :D Well you certainly seem to have had an adventurous day Fags :D :D I hate Pterodactyls in the garden they are worse than slugs! Love your dog she is very cute :) I'm fed up with slugs eating my plants in spring and summer but I wont kill anything so can't use the beer trick. I've tried other things which don't involve killing the slugs and they don't work.

    Good for you not smoking, keep up the good work. I like your way of keeping your mind of smoking, it's something I have never heard of before. I'd give it a try but I don't know any Hungarian folk songs :D

  • :D :D :D i love this Fags, just what's needed to brighten the day :D :D I'll need to look up some Hungarian folk songs and give it a try, i don't have a button collection though, would a stamp collection work :D :D

    Well done not smoking :) stay positive and you'll get there :) I love the picture of your dog, so beautiful :)

  • I thought everyone had a button collection Sue. I know my mum had a button jar and I've got a load of spare buttons in my sewing box :) Not sure if they will ever get used unless I sing Hungarian folk songs to them :)

  • Blimey, if I'd known people wanted buttons I'd have saved them when I cleared out my Mum's house. I think there was my granny's collection too and would have been enough to dress and army of pearly kings and queens. :o

    Fags, watch out cos I think those men in white coats are hiding just around the corner waiting to pounce ................ :D :D (Btw, nice doggie pic - I think you need to appreciate dogs or cats to be a mad member on here. :o )

  • Oh, or birds! :)

  • I agree :o :) :D :D :D

  • I agree too :)

  • I dumped loads of buttons just before xmas........ my bedside cabintet was overflowing with them!!!!! Had buttons that Id keps from tops I dumped years ago in there!!!!

    Then theres the fag cupboard (will have to find a new name for it now) there was a whole crystal dish full of the blighters too lol

    Anyway its nice to see everyone is good today.

    Glad you had a sucessful night out last night poland

    Kaz I do hope your boiler man comes round tomorrow and you get nice and cozy again but as Monky said get that gas on lol

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