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Hi everybody. I had my last cig on April 1st. Cold turkey mainly , but some patches as well in the first month. I am a male and smoked from the age of 14, I am now 62 years of age. I keep reading posts about how easy it is to stop for some, in a short time, and how healthy everybody feels. I wish this was the case with me, I have noticed no benefits at all and am still desperate to have a smoke. The only thing that stops me is the time that has elapsed. I had hoped that constantly wanting a cig would have gone by now, the cravings are constant night and day and I am fighting them all the time. Are there others on here that feel the same or am I alone with my urges?

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Hi brunac and a warm welcome to quit support,

Well done on your 6 months quit :) :)

Sorry to hear that you are still having a hard time with the urges to smoke


There are a couple of very good reads under the pinned posts to the right of the screen. Little sweet angel and little red devil and the understanding the feel good chemicals within the brain that may be worth you having a look at :) :)

Have you read Allen Carr's Easy way to quit smoking, as this too really does help in changing the way that you think about cigarettes.

Over the years we get conditioned to thinking that we need a smoke to deal with just about every occasion good or bad in our life. It really does take a lot of energy to turn that thinking around. There is absolutely no need to smoke at all, we just think there is, this is just what the nasty addiction does to us :( :(

Many people refer to quitting as losing their best friend, again, this is a very natural feeling. Until we can turn those negatives feelings around to positives thinking, we will continue to feel deprived and that makes us feel down.

Brunc, you have done amazing with your quit so far, cold turkey is not easy ( i did it too) and being a long term smoker, it will take you some serious talking to your self to turn negatives to positives. I was a 40 yr 30 a day smoker and do understand where you are coming from. I wish i could give you a quick fix answer but i can't :(

We have a little mantra that we use around here ..NOPE ..Not One Puff Ever..it helps us out when we get those urge..These days 16 months later, i still get the occasional urge and i just laugh it off... :) :)

On a more serious note, quitting smoking can cause mild depression and increased anxiety, if this is how you are feeling, it may be worth a visit to your GP :) :)

All the very best and keep us posted on how you are travelling :) :)


Hiya brunac, well done on your quit and I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling the benefits yet. everyone's quit is really different but tbh more people find it hard than easy. I think that the longer a person smokes for is a relevant factor. I smoked for over 40 years and no way did I find it easy. People kept saying do you feel any better and no I didn't 😩 I had all sorts of problems and I can tell you I felt worse before I felt better. it takes time to heal and I had to be very patient and know that I was doing the best thing for my health, no matter how long it took. So brunac I'm going to say the same thing to you, please be patient and you will feel the benefits. Take one day at a time and be proud of your achievement😊x


6 coming on 7 months is brilliant , you have come so far . It will get better sadly it takes a hell of a lot of time for some. I have only felt know that I've turned a corner but I'm not jumping on roof tops just yet. Still looking at this site daily and not drank since I stopped smoking as I know that would be a trigger. I still have the urge daily but it's not so strong and when I smell other people smoke I feel sick. Speak to your doctor it will help knowing that what your going through Is normal . Smoking has killed a lot of cells that will take time to repair themselves 🤗


Wow 10 months 👏🎉🎉🎉loved what you wrote


Woa!!! Almost 7 months👏 I'll let you know in 6 months how I feel. My physical symptoms have gone but my emotional addiction is still there. My dad hasn't had a cigarette in 25 years and he says when he has a drink he still thinks about lighting up. Not intensely but it's still there. I think as long as we don't have that one puff smoking will never be apart of our lives. NOPE NOT ONE PUFF EVER

ps. Our bodies are healing every second from the damage


Hi ya Brunac and a big warm welcome to our quit support community and a massive whooooo hoooooo to you for getting to 6 months quit :) :)

I see some of our lovely members have given you some great advice and help :) :)

Brunac, cant you feel any benefits :o what about when you walk upstairs, isnt your breathing easier :o can you smell the flowers in your garden :o can you actually taste the food that you eat :o do YOU and your house smell better :o :) :)

Brunac, you smoked for very nearly 50 Years :o so please please be patient and try to look on the brighter side of life :) and try to enjoy your NEW smokefree life :) :)

Kick ass Brunac, cos all this doom and gloom is in your mind, soooo, get rid of it, start your NEW life and flippin enjoy it pal :) :) get out and about :)

NOPE, Not One Puff Ever :) :)


No worries Ur not alone

I am 61 and quit a yr ago.

Urges r less but do happen

My problem is exhaustion

Tired all the time

Smoking gifted me w COPD

Another reason had to quit

Yes those urges will come and go

Stay strong 💩👻💪🏿


Oh geeze....... You're so strong ..... Fighting COPD and not smoking👏🎉🎉🎉

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Brunac 💋

That was a post I needed to read today! It's 4 months for me 😱 But ya know...... In between the struggle, I've had some FABTASTIC times. Trampolining, mountain biking, walking to the shop instead of driving (then realising I forgot the bloody bags AGAIN so walk back somewhat more interesting balancing purchased items as I refuse to spend 5p on a bag as I agree that we should recycle!) all the above things I would NEVER have done in May this year! I could barely get up the stairs!!! I felt old (I'm 52) tired and bored! Now I'm always thinking ?? Ooo I haven't done much exercise today... What shall I try next??? I drag the kids out rock climbing... Swimming anything half way different/adrenalin/time useful.


However! And. BIG HOWEVER! It IS so challenging ... I find I do want a cigarette but don't... I AM missing out but know I am not!! I am SAD but I am HAPPY! I want to eat but I don't... And I have gained a stone which REALLY pisses me off and is NICs little chink in my armour which I now am searching for the shield to protect myself with. I am filling the cracks daily one day at a time. But I've had a tricky week or so but am holding on to the positives to get me through... So wish I could stop feeling so sorry for myself I need a labottemy 👀❗️But then I would remember that I now love trying out all the things that take energy I never used to have. The things I am doing that I used to just "think about doing" whilst having a fag!!! I choose to DO things a drag my self pity with me and drown it with energy . Xxxx keep going Brunac ... I am xx


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