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Good Morning everybody,

as you all know Jillygirl went into hospital yesterday. First for a heart scan, which went really well and the nurse told her that she had a lovely strong heart. Following her overnight stay last night, she'll be going down for her exploratory op today. Depending on how everything looks, this operation will (hopefully) lead to Jillygirl having her right lung removed. This is something that Jillygirl is hoping will happen as it may lead to the best outcome and in her own words "Like my hubby says who would have thought you were hoping that you could have your lung removed?"

So fingers crossed, prayers said and plenty of positive vibes are winging their way to her as usual from us all here :D

What I was thinking of doing was getting a 'Get Well Soon' card, and asking those of you who would like to send her a message to private message me what you would like to say to her. I would then collect all your messages and send them off to her in a nice card.

I would be hoping to post the card out on Thursday sometime and then I can delete this post :D

I'll keep you posted on any updates as and when I hear anything :D

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Thank you EmJay for another kind and thoughtful gesture. xx


Lovely idea Emjay, she must be going through hell.



What a wonderful and thoughtful idea Emjay xx


Just had a little message from Jillygirl...

The op has gone well, she'll tell us more tomorrow and she sends hugs to all :D

Aaaaah I'm so happy to have heard from her :D



I'm so happy Jillygirls' op went well :)

please pass my love and (((hugs))) to her :) xx


Yes Emjay, I'm with the gals, that idea is just ''ACE'' , i just cant fault you one little bit gal, well apart from the odd little nodddd you have :D :D

Thats great news about the op :) :) if you hear from Jillygirl tomorrow, will you please send her big big huggggggs from me as well :) :)

Thank you Emjay :) :)


That news is just 'Supercalifragilicsticexpealidocious', Emjay! Big hugs to Jilly!

Thank you for the updates Emjay they are much appreciated!



Fantastic news, can't believe she's had her op and recovered enough to let you know how she is :) that's great. Loads of hugs back to Jillygirl. Thanks for keeping us updated EmJay, as Chickles says, it is very much appreciated. xxx


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