Hi Everyone,

I had a phone call tonight from our lovely JillyGirl's daughter, Sarah. JillyGirl asked her to get in touch to let us know that she is in hospital at the moment. JillyGirl suffered a heart attack yesterday :-(

She is now being closely monitored and is likely to be in hospital for a week until they get to the bottom things.

Apparently, it looks as though there may have been a number of mini ( :o ) heart attacks beforehand and (thankfully) JillyGirl was actually in the hospital when the last one happened.

At the moment, JillyGirl needs to be able to settle her big heart down so that the hospital are able to determine the initial cause of it and decide on the best course of treatment.

I've sent all our love and bestest of wishes down the phone and Sarah has promised to keep us up to speed with her progress.

After everything that JillyGirl has been through over the past couple of years, I'm hoping that she'll fly through this like a walk in the park...

Please help send as many positive vibes to our Yorkshire lass who has been so inspirational to everyone on here :-)

I'll get a card from us all tomorrow and send it along to our very own Nora Batty to cheer her up :-)

Lots of love from me


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  • OMG....-:(

    Sending all my love


  • Emjay, Thankyou soo much for letting us know :) :) xxx

    Jillygirl, am sending you the most biggest, warmest, cuddliest, loving huggggggggs that you did ever have before seeeee :) You get better pretty smartish eh cos I aint got nobody to take the p, ermmmm micky out of see :P :D :D :D

    Thankyou Sarah for letting us all know, my heart is with you and your Mam :) :) xx

    Pete :) :) xx

  • Hi EmJay

    I was actually worried about Jilly today and wondered if she was okay as she hadn't been online all day.

    I am so sorry about this news I am actually choked and in tears, this is devastating, but I am sure she is in the right place and I am sending every ounce of love to her for a speedy recovery.

    Bless her, she has been through so much.

    Thank you so much for organising a card and please tell her we are all thinking about her and love her and want her to get well soon, and tell her we'll have a very special party for her when she gets back! :)

    Thank you for letting us know EmJay

    Love Chrissie xxx

  • Jillygirl you poor thing..... It amazing what the Docs can do these days and before you know it you'll be fighting fit and raring to go :)

    Your in my thoughts and prayers and I wish you a full and speedy recovery. Sending you lots of love and hugs

    God bless love Julie xxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Sending soo much love and hugs to you jillygirl girl, you've been a massive inspiration to me and many others, such a strong and determined lady, stay strong xxxx

  • Sending my love and get well soon JillyGirl.


  • Sending love, hugs, kisses and for you to get well soon lovely lady xx

  • I know that I haven't been about for a long time (am still stopped!), but do receive the emails. I am so very saddened to hear that our Jilly is in hospital after suffering a heart attack. She is deffo in the right place! Jilly is a remarkable, inspirational lady, who is most certainly a fighter! Emjay, can you pass my love to Jilly, she is in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. So very thoughtful of you to organise a card. Jan x

  • Hi all, not been on for a while but wish Jilly a speedy recovery. Still not smoking after 4 months and cholesterol has now reduced from 7.2 to 5.3, so the doctors advice to give up worked. Good luck to everyone else, it's hard but keep at it

  • Hi Wrighty it's lovely to see you again. I just wanted to say massive congratulations on your 4 months stop, I'm sure EmJay will be shining up your new badge for you to wear with pride!

    Also, that is fantastic news re your choloestrol level dropping, that's a massive drop so you must be so proud of yourself. That is the sort of information that just proves how much better it is for your health to stop smoking, so thank you so much for posting that. :) :) xxx

  • Jillygirl, hope things look up for you soon and you get better very quickly. xx

  • Hi jillygirl

    I am sending love and warmest wishes for a really speedy recovery. You are so very very special to us all. Get well soon. Hundreds of positive healing living vibes coming to you, close your eyes, you must be able to feel them :) :)


  • GET WELL SOON, Jillygirl, you are in my thoughts. Sending all my healing vibes your way, With all my Love, :-)

  • All best wishes on way to her. Xxx

  • Sorry to hear you've taken poorly jillygirl. Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery very soon. Xx

  • So sorry to hear of Jilly's news. Thinking of her and sending lots of love and positive vibes for a quick recovery. I hope Bertie's behaving himself while Jilly's away. Big hugs, love Andi. :) xxxxxx

  • You are certainly in my thoughts jillygirl, if anyone can get through this you can and I am sending positive vibes to you. If I can help with anything even if it is just to answer concerns you may have with recovery please let me know, something else we share now much love I am sending you and your family x x

  • Sending her strength and love, I've only been here a few days, and she was reaching out and being there....please keep us informed on how she's doing. Is that a photo of her? It is adorable.

  • Hi Terry, not that's not a photo of Jilly it's a comedy actress in her role as Nora Batty - which is a series based in Yorkshire. She was a formidable character and very funny! Somehow Jilly has gained the Nora tag but it was before my time so I'm not sure how that happened! xx :) :)

  • Hi everybody, our Lovely Emjay has just txt me on an update on Jillygirls progress :)

    I've tried to get to copy the txt and put it up on here, but cant seem to do it :o :(

    Emjay say's that the consultants dont think it was an heart attack that Jillygirl had, but still dont know what !! and are still doing tests on her :) Fingers crossed eh :) :)

    Emjay also said, that she had forwarded all our lovely get well soon messages to Jillygirl :) :)

    Emjay is sorry for not telling you herself, but she cant access this site at the moment, but as soon as she can, she will :) :)

    Thank you everybody for supporting our lovely Jillygirl :) :)

    Pete :) xxxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks Pete. Hope she gets better soon, very soon. We are all sending her love and hugs through this ether, maybe she can feel them.

  • Thanks for the update Pete, much appreciated. Lots of love to Jilly, who is one top lady! x

  • Tooooooo rite Chuckles :) :) and thank you sooooo much for coming back on here to support our lovely Jillygirl, through her hard time, who as you say, is a TOP Lady :) :) xx

  • Hey, Jilly supported me through my initial months of stopping smoking! It's the least I can do by sending her love and thoughts, healing and prayers! I've been stopped for 1 year and 9 months on 1st June! Don't miss it at all now! Hope that our Jilly is well on the mend xxxxx Hope that you're okay Petie poppet xx

  • Aup Chicken, thats just lovely gal :) :)

    Wayyyyyy flippin Hayyyyyyyy, WOW, you got to 1 Year and very, very nearly 9 months thats just flippin ACE gal, you know what Cherub, I just cant fault you 1 little bit gal :) :)

    Yep, am ok thank you for asking :) but, ermmm I had a bit of a mishap AGAIN, and now on day 2 of my quit :o :)

    See's ya soon hopefully and take care now :) Petie :) xx

  • We're all thinking of her, let us know any updates!!!

  • Thanks for the update Pete, hopefully Jillygirl will be back with us soon :D

  • My love and thoughts are with her and her family.H x just really shocked at this news.

  • Afternoon All :-)

    I have just had a message come through from Nurse Sarah, JilyGirl's lovely daughter. She was in work so couldn't talk but text to say that she'll be in touch later..... Once she has been to the hospital to pick our JillyGirl up :D :D :D :D

    I'm sure we'll get all the details of our Nora Batty's latest adventure as soon as she is able to tell us :-)

  • That is brilliant news - thank you so much for letting us know EmJay! She will be so so so so so happy to be going home - and I'm very happy too! :) xx

  • Yay, I am thrilled to bits that Jilly is well on the mend and en route home later today! Jilly...lots of love and hugs to you, you fabilicious lady! xxxxxx

  • Thank you EmJay - that's lovely news xx

  • I'm delighted for Jillygirl, its so much nicer to be in your own home and soooo glad she's on the mend, thanks for the update Emjay :D

  • Hi Everyone,

    Just a little update for you all (Just in case you haven't read Pete's update on the Daily Chat);

    Unfortunately our lovely superstar JilyGirl is now back in hospital after really struggling to catch her breath. Her lovely daughter, Sarah says that they are now treating JillyGirl for pneumonia until they find out anything else :-(

    JillyGirl seems to be very poorly at the moment so lets concentrate on sending her as many get well positive vibes, prayers - anything in the hope that she'll recover well from this and have no other choice but to get back on here and put all our minds at ease...

    I've told Sarah about all your kind messages and wishes and asked her to make sure that JillyGirl knows about them.


  • Hey Everyone, I think all those hopes, prayers and positive healing vibes we've all been sending have landed! :-)

    Sarah let me know last night that JillyGirl picked up loads yesterday :-)

    The hospital are obviously constantly monitoring her and say she has definitely got an infection in her lung. Combination of one lung, heart attack and infection really threw her :-/ :o

    JillyGirl sends her thanks for all the messages :D

    I'll keep you posted as things will hopefully continue to progress in the right direction :-)

    Keep those positive thoughts and vibes a comin' :-)

  • Thanks Emjay for the update, poor old Jillygirl is really going thru the wringer, hopefully she'll be back home soon :)

  • Hi Emjay, thank you for keeping us updated on Jillygirl, I,m thinking of her everyday and it's good to hear she's getting better :)

    I'm sending love and hugs her way and positive vibes xx

  • Hi again you lovely folks :-)

    Busy day today and family around tonight so this is the first chance I've had to pop online :o

    I heard from Sarah earlier and she says that her mum says hi to everyone. She is doing ok. They have said they are concentrating on clearing the pneumonia first then get rid of the fluid on her lungs and then review her heart. :-)

    Apparently she's covered in bruises too :-(

    I reckon all those positive thoughts and vibes are most definitely working, so how about we carry on sending plenty more to help shoo that blasted pneumonia away? :D

    Luv, hugz n night night


  • Prayers, hugs, and positive thoughts for Jillygirl who was warm and generous and caring ( when I first joined ) and helped me a lot!!!! Our thoughts are with you....

    Get well Soon !

  • Where have all my posts gone? :o :o

  • They've re-appeared now!! :o

  • Hello Everyone,

    just a little update on our JillyGirl :-)

    Our brave soldier may be coming out of hospital and back home either today or tomorrow :-)

    Hopefully this will mean that she'll be feeling a lot better and will recover a million times quicker all in the comfort of her own home.

    We really do miss having her around and hope to see her back on form pretty darn soon :-)

  • That's wonderful news Emjay :). Sending all my good vibes, spears, and lots of love and hugs to Jillygirl and her family. :). Xxxxx

  • Hey Everyone,

    Sarah has been in touch with an update on our lovely JillyGirl...

    Unfortunately she isn't a well bunny, really tired all the time and is probably going to be like this for at least a month. She's had a bad reaction to her antibiotics and a bacterial infection in her tummy so extra antibiotics needed for that :-(

    Her breathlessness means that she can't chat for too long and we all know our JillyGirl loves a good old natter! :o

    I've sent our love but I expect we need a few wheelie bins of positive vibes to be sent to her ;-)


  • Thank you sooooo much for letting us know Emjay :) :) xx

    I'm sending Jillygirl loads of wheelybin sized huggs and vibes to help her get through this hard time :) :) and of course, loads a mountainuos loving huggs toooooo, that includes some for nurse Sarah and Mr mop hubby, cos I know their looking after her, just like they would a Queen Bee :) :) :) xxxxx

  • Jillygirl, I hope you get this message OK. We miss you here and are just waiting for you to get strong enough to come and have a good chat again. Get well, and hoping you feel all the love, hugs and good vibes I'm sending, along with everyone here.

    Wishing you lots of strength, comfort and restful recuperation.


  • :) :) :) xx

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